Bank Reconciliation

Accounting Seed is directly integrated to more than 14,500 banks and credit card companies for your convenience.

Bank Reconciliation Made Simple

Reconciling your bank statements has never been easier. Accounting Seed’s Bank Direct Connect functionality allows users to connect to more than 14,500 banks and credit card companies and to easily batch import/match transactions. Our unique interface lets you clear bank transactions and facilitate quick reconciliations through minimal data entry.

Accounting Seed Features

The Bank Reconciliation features make auditing and reporting more efficient and accurate. Our system enables easy bank imports, and we also support automated matching of ledger transaction to bank feeds. Audit trail functions let you track changes throughout the reconciliation process to maintain accurate, up-to-date information.

Real-Time Visibility

Accounting Seed’s Bank Direct Connect functionality lets your accounting team see any payments or transaction across checking, savings, and credit card accounts. You get a complete, real-time picture of your company’s funds and cash flows. With Accounting Seed, you can manage your bank accounts in real-time, so you’re always on top of your company’s financial footprint.


Our software has bank reconciliations covered. Accounting Seed users can import statements from any bank or financial institution and reconcile your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Spot exceptions, manage bank errors, monitor for fraud, and maintain accurate cash balances.

“We see Accounting Seed as a complete business solution, allowing us to pilot our sales operations, accounting and finance. More importantly, it is adapted for the French market, which is always a challenge with financial solutions from overseas editors.”

Olivier Marnac

General Manager, CMO at Zenconnect

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility of entire banking breakdown

  • Easily attach supporting documents to bank reconciliations

  • Easily run bank reconciliation reports

  • Link bank or credit card accounts easily


Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

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