Accounting Core

Reports and dashboards

Everything you need to monitor the health of your business.

Real-time reporting across the entire business

Drill down into the details and quickly make decisions with predefined reports available out of the box. Or create and customize your own with point and click functionality.

Straightforward insights

See your data and KPI’s in easy-to-understand visual formats to quickly spot trends and get deeper financial insights with dashboards.

All the reporting features you need, including:

✔️ A full set of financial reports such as trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statement—all with drill-down capability

✔️ Point and click creation of custom financial statements with user-defined rows, columns, and calculations

✔️ Actual to actual, actual to budget, or budget to budget comparison of any accounting period

✔️ Formatting abilities for financial statements with blank rows, indent, percentages, and underline

✔️ Ledger inquiry tool to research underlying transactions based on user-defined criteria

✔️ Easy export of financials to Excel and Adobe® PDF

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