Founded in 2008 by Tony Zorc, a CPA who believed there had to be a better way, Accounting Seed challenges the status quo of traditional, rigid accounting platforms.

Tony Zorc, founder of Accounting Seed, developed a passion for software while working with technology to automate finances and make work more efficient. He saw the power of the Salesforce platform as a foundation for building innovative accounting software that allows our customers to run their businesses their way and gives them full control of their business management suite through automation, configuration, and customization.

Our name reflects our mission to help our customers reach their business goals, by growing with your business and empowering you to realize your potential.

Today, we have served more than 1000 customers with 50,000 users across many industries and continuously refine our product to deliver the best accounting solution possible.


Accounting Seed is founded by Tony Zorc.


Tony Zorc brings on Chris Johnson as a partner to help develop the Accounting Seed software. The company begins work as a Salesforce implementer in order to earn revenue while the technology is being developed.


Caroline Beatson joins Accounting Seed as chief operations officer to manage the support and operations of the growing customer base.


Accounting Seed software is released on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Accounting Seed expands the scope of the product by adding order management and inventory control features.


Accounting Seed lands its 100th customer and achieves enough revenue to focus primarily on selling the application.


Accounting Seed continues to gain prominence. Tony Zorc is featured in an interview with kathy ireland on Worldwide Business.


Accounting Seed serves more than 800 customers and 13,700 users, while staff numbers reach 29, with more positions being filled to accommodate the rapid growth.


Accounting Seed grows into the enterprise market and is able to sell software to customers who are not using Salesforce.


Accounting Seed opens office in the United Kingdom to spearhead their EMEA Market Initiative.


Accounting Seed receives a significant growth investment from H.I.G. Growth Partners (“H.I.G.”) the dedicated growth capital affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, a leading global alternative investment firm. 

H.I.G. Growth Partners logo


H.I.G. Growth Partners is the dedicated growth capital investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, a leading global alternative investment firm with $44 billion of equity capital under management. H.I.G. Growth seeks to make investments in strong, growth-oriented businesses located throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Accounting Seed Is For Everyone

Accounting Seed’s robust and flexible financial management software lets you fully pilot your entire back office in one environment by tapping the power of the Salesforce platform, the world’s #1 rated cloud-based CRM. Accounting Seed is fully built on the, the same engine that powers Salesforce, rendering complex integrations unnecessary. Forget having to sync multiple clouds or being bogged down by duplicate data.

Accounting Seed is for everyone, across all industries. If you’re not on Salesforce now, no problem! You have the option to utilize the full functionality of the Salesforce CRM or implement Accounting Seed as a stand-alone product that is backed by the strength of the Salesforce platform.


Accounting Seed empowers better decisions by increasing data visibility for all stakeholders. You get an accurate analysis of every customer, an efficient financial workflow, and a complete overview of your company’s quote-to-cash process. With Accounting Seed, you’ll spend more time analyzing data than assembling data.

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Configuration & Customization

Never be constrained by inflexible software again. Our “clicks not code" easy configuration is another company’s expensive customization. Accounting Seed’s features were developed to be configured to your individual needs, letting you run your business the way you want. With Accounting Seed, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, our customers have the liberty to choose the software they need from Salesforce and beyond. Our product has the power, and we offer the support to configure and customize any integration without sacrificing functional proficiency in your operations.


Point, click, done. Our automation features allow you to streamline business processes with clicks and not code. Say goodbye to manual operations for fast, reliable outcomes in real-time. Make payment to vendors, accept payments, or recognize revenue — it’s all possible with our automated and easily configurable automation features.


Accounting Seed’s application programming interface (API) accommodates all organizations by being consistently reliable, scalable, and feature-rich. With the support of Salesforce, the API includes custom commands and codes to make functions faster, direct, and totally hands-free.

“Accounting Seed transforms the role of accounting, enabling you to run your business more strategically with better financial intelligence. We’ve reinvented accounting technology for the modern computing era with a flexible system that works with your business, not against it.”

Tony Zorc

Founder, Accounting Seed

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