Accounting Core


Everything you need to automatically download transactions and reconcile your bank account.

Automate your banking processes

Automatically connect to your bank and download and match bank transactions to ledger transactions, and create new transactions in your ledger where needed.

Easily reconcile batch deposits

Simplify the reconciliation of batch deposits by creating a bank deposit record and associating all cash receipts to it in that batch.

All the banking features you need, including:

✔️ Connection to thousands of banks and credit card companies through Bank Direct Connect to easily batch import/match transactions

✔️ Memorization of general ledger coding for bank imports

✔️ Automated matching of ledger transactions to bank transactiona

✔️ Automatic creation of source transactions when ledger transactions do not exist

✔️ Bank reconciliation with audit reports

✔️ Support for importing foreign bank transactions

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