The #1 Salesforce® Accounting Solution

The #1 Salesforce®
Accounting Solution

Accounting Seed combines CRM, accounting, and order management with more flexibility than any other application.


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“In the several years we used Accounting Seed we've grown 10X and in that amount of time by automating things through Accounting Seed we had to add ZERO full-time employees to our Accounting Operations.”
Chad Meyer

Accounting Seed is among the elite Accounting Software Solution Providers in 2018.

CFO Tech Outlook has recognized Accounting Seed as one of the top 10 Accounting Solution Providers.  Read this article to learn about their designation and their review of our Accounting application built on Salesforce.

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Forget adapting to new software—enjoy a solution that is customized to your needs.

End the headache of handling multiple business management platforms.

Your accounting, order management, and CRM systems need a place to call home. By consolidating these business platforms, you’ll save endless hours, and eliminate the hassle of managing too many disparate systems.


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"Accounting Seed has transformed our business and enabled us to automate our sales orders, billings, invoicing and email marketing."

Matthew J. Farruggio
Simplify your accounting workflows through a seamless connection to banks and payment processors.

Simplify your accounting workflows through a seamless connection to banks and payment processors.

Not only is Accounting Seed ubiquitous with your Salesforce CRM and applications, it is also directly connected to over 14,500 banks and financial institutions to automatically record your transactions. Accounting Seed is also integrated with Stripe for easy, world-class payment processing.


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"This app allowed us to end our own in-house development and implement with the ease and speed that I didn't believe until we actually did it."

Jay Roy

See how Accounting Seed works.


General Ledger

The General Ledger is the backbone of your accounting application—so we’ve tied it to all aspects of your CRM, making it comprehensive, seamless, and updated in real time 
with your customer data.

Order Management

From managing your inventory controls to processing and tracking shipments, our Order Management solution is built to fit your business operations to a T.

Project Accounting

Discover where profitability lies in your organization through simple tracking of operations, events, time cards, and more.

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Accounting Seed is the highest-rated accounting and
order management application for Salesforce.

4.9 Stars




"Outstanding success with Accounting Seed."

John Benza
John Benza
Borrego Solar

"We spent a lot of time looking for an Accounting Solution, and Accounting Seed met all of our expectations."

Emily Tam
Emily Tam
Pax Water Technologies

“Smoothest accounting conversion ever.”

Ken Christiansen
Ken Christiansen
The Patriot Brass Ensemble

"Accounting Seed is going to save us hundreds of hours every year."

Steven Behnke
Steven Behnke

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