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Whether you’re working on retainer or on a contingency basis, Accounting Seed can help. Create efficiency and accuracy by managing and tracking time, expenses, and matters all on one, unified platform. Gain insight and maintain compliance over your trust transactions. Simplify your workflows by seamlessly integrating your legal software into Accounting Seed for better visibility into your firm’s financial performance, from intake to case management to reporting and reconciliation. 

Simplify your business operations with one platform to manage CRM and Accounting. Cut manual tasks and accelerate cash flow while giving sales, operations, and finance a real-time view of business performance—without costly integrations. 

See for yourself

Accounting Seed is not a walled garden; we are not locked-in to someone else’s way of doing things. If something does not work the way we need it to, we can change it or build it to suit our needs. We can also leverage many of the unique, third-party tools available via the AppExchange.

Andrei Tsygankov Partner,
Founders Legal (Bekiares Eliezer LLP)

I realized that no matter what happened [becuase of Hurricane Maria], the firm was going to be okay. Because the next day, I was able to get new phones and computers, and get everyone back up and running because our business is now fully on the cloud – nothing was relying on a server room anymore.

Howard Iken Founder & Partner,
Ayo & Iken Attorneys and Advocate

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