Accounting Seed Pricing

Accounting Seed combines CRM, accounting, and order management with more flexibility than any other application.

Adoption Support

Additional services can be purchased from Accounting Seed to assist you in a successful Go Live. Click the contact us link to schedule a call to discuss.

  • Product Upgrades
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • Accounting Seed University
  • Email Support
  • Integration Consulting per Hour – $210
  • Product Consulting per Hour – $185

Who in my organization needs an Accounting Seed license?

Each user who needs  to see, enter, or report on Accounting Seed data objects needs an Accounting Seed  license. For example, if a user wants to enter time, see what has been billed to a customer, or run a report on accounting data, they would need an Accounting Seed  license.

Do I have to purchase an Accounting Seed license for every Salesforce user I have?

No. For example, you could have 10 people in your organization who access Salesforce CRM and only one person who accesses Accounting Seed.  In this case, you would need 10 Salesforce user licenses, but only one Accounting Seed user license.

If my salesperson wants to see order activity and inventory balances, do they need a license for Accounting Seed?

Yes. If your salesperson wants to see sales orders and inventory balances, they would need an Accounting Seed user license.

Can I restrict what an Accounting Seed user sees?

Yes, using Salesforce Security permissions and profiles you can restrict access to any features in Accounting Seed based on the user. Users will simply access the features needed based on their role.

I don't want my Salesforce users to see sensitive financial data. Are they going to see this data if it is in Salesforce?

Not if you don’t want them to.  By using standard Salesforce security permissions you can give them access to only the specific data they need.  Your users will need an Accounting Seed license to see, enter, or report on Accounting Seed data objects.

Is a read-only an option for users?

Yes.  You can restrict the Accounting Seed features, tabs, buttons, and fields for any user via Salesforce security profiles and permission sets. You are able to make any Accounting Seed user a read-only user, but this does not change the price of the license.  All user licenses provide full access to the features listed.

Do I need a Salesforce license to power my Accounting Seed user?

Yes, Accounting Seed runs on top of a Full Sales Cloud license or license.

Does Accounting Seed require me to use the product and opportunity objects?

No. The Orders and Inventory feature set requires the use of the Account and Product objects and theCore Accounts feature set only requires the use of the Account object.

Does Accounting Seed work in the Salesforce customer and partner community portals?

Yes, please contact us at for pricing for both customer and partner communities.

Does Accounting Seed work in Salesforce Lightning?

Yes.  Accounting Seed is fully compliant with Salesforce Lightning.

How long is my contract subscription with Accounting Seed? Can I cancel at anytime?

Your contract is 30 days for monthly subscriptions.  There is no long-term obligation with Accounting Seed.  In order to cancel your subscription, you must Submit A Request at  Your cancellation will take effect 30 days after you initiate the cancellation notice.

For annual contracts, your subscription is for 12 months. In order to cancel your annual subscription, you must Submit A Request at 30 days prior to your renewal date.  All contracts are renewed automatically to ensure there is no lapse in your ability utilize our application.

How do I add or reduce users to my subscription?

For monthly subscribers, navigate to our Knowledge Base at and click Submit A Request.  Then, simply submit a request to add or reduce the number of users that you would like under the “Administrative and License” category.  License reductions and cancellations must be made five business days prior to your next monthly billing to avoid next month’s charge.

For annual subscribers, your decrease will take effect at your renewal date. Licenses can be added at any time and can only be prorated and coterminous with your annual contract.

What is covered in Accounting Seed free support?

Free support includes our online video training in Accounting Seed University, Knowledge Base articles, as well as free product upgrades included with our support.

Do I need a partner to help me implement Accounting Seed?

Accounting Seed provides services for the following:

  • Opening balance data migration
  • Product Training on application functionality.
  • Consulting for custom reports and integration design.

If you would like any other services such as the ones listed below, we can recommend a certified Salesforce consulting partner to assist you with:  

  • Custom development
  • Integration to custom objects
  • Integration to other apps on and off the platform
  • Automation of your business process via setting up approvals, workflow rules, process builders or flows
  • Configuration and testing of custom security profiles

Should I implement Salesforce CRM and then come back to do Accounting Seed in a later phase?

No. If you were building a new house, would you construct it, move in, hang up your pictures, arrange your furniture and then call the plumber asking “Can you come over and install some plumbing for my kitchen and bathrooms?”

Well it is just as crazy to do this in the technology world.  If you design your CRM and support without taking into account your requirements for the back office you will likely need to change your solution and retrain staff when you incorporate accounting into the solution.

Will Accounting Seed work with other native Salesforce applications?

Yes, absolutely.  Our application is open architecture and built to work with your own custom fields, objects, and other native Salesforce apps, as well as all of the automation tools on the platform.

What editions of Salesforce does Accounting Seed run on?

Accounting Seed runs on Salesforce Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

“Accounting Seed allows Zenconnect to work in real time on financial and accounting data, something that was not allowed with our old system.”

Yohann Lecornet, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Officer at Zenconnect

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