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Accounting Seed is a flexible and cost-effective accounting software designed to optimize your business's financial management.

  • Built natively on Salesforce: Seamlessly integrate your accounting data with your existing CRM.
  • Automate accounting tasks: When it comes to AR/AP, you can boost efficiency and accelerate your financial close cycles.
  • Scale & grow: Accounting seed gives you comprehensive insights, empowering you to make decisions that help your business scale.
  • Accounting Seed pricing: Our software is a customizable solution- and so is our pricing. Book a demo to get a quote made just for your business.

See it in action

Interested in our pricing? Request a demo, and we'll follow up with a custom quote just for you.

All the features you need for core accounting and beyond

Get everything you need for streamlined accounting. Plus, you'll have access to advanced features—like AR and AP Automation—to simplify your financial transactions, ensuring timely, accurate financial management.

Essential features
Salesforce native Goes beyond integration by being a no-code Salesforce native solution—providing a unified platform for managing financial data. Provides a true single source of truth
General ledger Manages and records all your financial transactions with ability to track on both accrual and cash basis.
Accounts receivable / Accounts payable Handles tracking of money owed to and by the business.
Billing & invoicing Facilitates the sending of bills and invoices to clients.
Bank reconciliation Manages bank transactions and reconciles bank statements.
Compliance management & audit trail Keeps records of changes and transactions for auditing purposes.
Real-time data—no sync needed All accounting and financial data is kept natively inside Salesforce—no syncing needed.
Custom reports & dashboards Offers real-time, fully customizable reports and dashboards for better insights. Real-time & fully customizable
Document management Organizes and stores documents efficiently for easy access and management.
Role-based access control Ensures secure access to financial data based on user roles and permissions.
Data security Ensures the protection and confidentiality of financial data using Salesforce's security framework. Leverages Salesforce's world-class security
Advanced features
Multi-entity organizations Enables streamlined financial management across multiple business entities, facilitating easy consolidation, reporting, and inter-entity transactions. Manage finances across multiple entities with ease
Multi-currency organizations Provides comprehensive support for transactions in multiple currencies, including automatic exchange rate conversions and simplified multi-currency financial reporting. Simplify global payments with multi-currency support
Project accounting Tracks revenue, expenses, and time for projects, ensuring accurate accounting. Track revenue, expenses, & time
AR Automation Automates the accounts receivable process, from invoice generation to payment collection and reconciliation, enhancing cash flow and reducing administrative workload. Simplify receivables and collections
AP Automation Streamlines accounts payable by automating invoice capture, approval workflows, and payments, reducing manual efforts and improving payment accuracy. Automate invoice processing and payments
Multi-book Accounting Cash or accrual basis accounting—do either or both; whichever best suits your organization. Track transactions under cash, accrual, or both
Orders & inventory Efficiently manage your inventory levels and process orders from purchase to delivery, ensuring accurate stock counts and timely order fulfillment. Manage orders and track inventory levels
Financial Analytics Visually tell the story of your organization and gain deeper insights into your data. Unlock deeper business insights
Additional benefits
Designed to scale Easily adapts to growing business needs, ensuring scalability. Easily adapts to your growing business needs
Dedicated customer support Offers personalized support through a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Hands-on support for guidance and problem resolution
In-app assistance Learn 24/7 with AI powered asnwers, task lists, and walk-throughs. Learn 24/7 with AI help from Copilot.
Knowledge Base Extensive technical articles available via continuously updated product Knowledge Base. Extensive technical articles
Works with all industries Versatile enough to cater to the financial management needs of various industries.
Cloud-based Offers the flexibility and accessibility of cloud-based financial management.
Avalara Facilitates compliance with tax regulations and laws, with pre-built Avalara integration for tax reporting.
Cardknox Allows you to securely accept credit card, debit card, ACH, and various electronic payment for AR Automation.
Edenred Pay Allows payment of expenses through the AP Automation solution.
Plaid Enables secure direct bank connections and data synchronization.
Stripe Facilitates secure transactions via credit card, debit card, and multiple electronic payment forms.
Salesforce connectors Includes connectors for Salesforce Nonprofit (NPSP) & Field Service Lighting (FSL) for enhanced functionality. Including Salesforce Nonprofit & Field Service Lighting
Additional integrations Discover our comprehensive list of Accounting Seed integrations. See all integrations »

What to expect in your custom demo

First, you'll chat with one of our sales representatives, so our team can learn more about your current workflows and accounting tools. This helps us create a demo that meets your business goals. From there, they'll connect you with an Account Executive and Solutions Engineer, who will guide you through initial Accounting Seed pricing and how our software will benefit you.

Accounting Seed's accounting core functionality showing ledger inquiry, accounts receivable and payable.

See Accounting Seed in action

Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrationsand silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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“We see Accounting Seed as a complete business solution, allowing us to pilot our sales operations, accounting and finance.”

Olivier Marnac, CMO at Zenconnect

Olivier Marnac

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