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Custom accounting software

Looking for custom accounting software? We have a customizable accounting solution that you can personalize based on your unique accounting needs. It’s a game changer for empowering your business's financial management.

Accounting that scales and adapts with you

For companies looking to grow, it is essential that your systems and tools support scale with ease and efficiency. This flexibility should include your accounting software.

Accounting Seed is built on the Salesforce Platform, which supports rapid changes using clicks, not code. You can make customizations to the software on the fly. 

In addition, the use of “flow builder”—as well as access to a network of best-of-breed API partners—means you can tailor and extend functionality in limitless ways specific to your industry or business needs.

What is customizable accounting software?

Customizable accounting software refers to solutions—like Accounting Seed—that are designed to adapt to a company's unique financial processes and reporting needs. Businesses have the tools to then create a personalized accounting environment that aligns more closely with their practices, providing flexibility, scalability, and better insights into their data.

Custom accounting software vs. traditional accounting software

Custom accounting software allows businesses to configure their accounting setup to support their workflows in specific ways. Unlike traditional accounting software—which usually has fixed functionalities and limited adaptability—customizable solutions enable you to: 

  • Generate custom reports
  • Automate processes
  • Integrate in unique ways with other systems
  • And much more

This provides a solution that evolves with what your business needs. It also enhances efficiency and provides deeper financial insights.

Features of Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed sets itself apart from other accounting applications with customizations that don't require coding. Unlike many competitors (which usually require a large technical team for custom accounting software or offer limited personalization options), Accounting Seed empowers the end-user with the ability to tailor the system to their business processes. 

This ease of personalization, combined with robust automation and secure access controls, enhances your operational efficiency and provides deeper insights into financial data.

  • Configurable interface: Modify report views, PDF export templates, and more with no coding required.
  • Tailored workflows: Adapt the system to your unique processes, eliminating cumbersome workarounds.
  • Custom fields & validation: Create fields specific to your needs and set up validation rules for accuracy.
  • Dynamic dashboards & reports: Build custom dashboards and reports that perfectly match your requirements.
  • User access control: Grant specific access controls and permissions for secure collaboration company-wide.


What are the benefits of customized accounting?


Adaptable to your growth

Make changes to your accounting software quickly as your business needs evolve

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Leverage Salesforce platform

Save on development costs by using Salesforce workflows and technology


Easily configurable

Access a wide range of pre-built APIs and easily configure them to your needs


One source of truth

Connect all of your business systems into one centralized source of truth without costly connectors

We compared the flexibility of every accounting solution option and none of them had the flexibility that Accounting Seed offered. It felt like an obvious choice when you look into the architecture of Accounting Seed—it is an elegant solution.

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