Accounting Core

General ledger

Everything you need to manage your company's transactions and report on your business.

Multi-dimensional chart-of-accounts (COA)

Streamline your chart of accounts with a truly dynamic multi-dimensional chart of accounts. Using only one GL Account for each revenue and expense category, you can easily capture, analyze, and report across all dimensions of your business by simply “tagging” each accounting transaction.

Just-in-time reporting

There’s no need to be surprised at month-end when you can view data in real-time. Running reports during the period allows you to make decisions faster, course correct if needed, and ask questions sooner, thanks to inter-period GL reporting.

All the general ledger features you need, including:

✔️ Flexible accounting periods: fiscal vs calendar and monthly vs week-based periods

✔️ Hard Close of the Accounting Period to prevent further postings

✔️ Soft Close of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Inventory while leaving the general ledger open for adjusting entries

✔️ Multi-dimensional chart of accounts

✔️ Multi-company, multi-currency, and multinational accounting

✔️ Multi-level consolidation, including foreign currency translation with the ability to view consolidated results across dimensions

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