Accounting Core

Accounts receivable

Everything you need to manage customer payments.

Bill right from your Salesforce Opportunity

Your sales team has closed the deal, ensure it gets billed correctly and promptly by creating the billing directly from the Opportunity.

Get paid faster

Easily generate a payment link to include with customer billings so they can pay you faster.

All the AR features you need, including:

✔️ Ability to create one or multiple billing records directly from a Salesforce opportunity

✔️ Batch billing records from multiple Salesforce opportunities with the option to automatically create cash receipts and a bank deposit

✔️ Create recurring billings from a Salesforce opportunity for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual timeframes

✔️ Easily create deferred revenue entries related to a billing record and recognize the revenue over time

✔️ Create billings from time cards and/or expense reports with multi-level billing rate tables

✔️ Create billings from sales orders

✔️ Leverage built-in sales tax functionality

✔️ Automate sales tax management with Avalara integration

✔️ Apply different tax treatments to different ledgers

✔️ Override source or destination addresses to allow for proper sourcing of tax in more complicated tax scenarios

✔️ Copy/clone billing records

✔️ Un-post billing entries in open accounting periods for editing or corrections

✔️ Report on current and historical accounts receivable aging by accounting period

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