With Accounting Seed, you can join an established community in the Salesforce ecosystem or any other CRM where you can easily connect to apps and implementation consultants.

Connected Apps

Accounting Seed partners with many different solution providers to give your business access to the best applications on the market. Whether you are looking for a solution to help with business management, CRM, ecommerce, finance and administration, inventory management, payroll, point of sale, tax management or time and expense, we have a connected app that can help.

Looking to take your back-office workflows to the next level? Our users can seamlessly integrate Accounting Seed with Salesforce and other CRM ready apps. Visit our connected apps page to view them all.

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Implementation Partners

Did you know that Accounting Seed users can seamlessly integrate with one or more of our partners’ solutions? We want only the best for your business. Rest assured, our partners will allow you to run your business the way you want using the best solutions available. Our consulting partners assist customers in implementing, customizing, and automating their Accounting Seed and Salesforce system.

Strengthen your business with the best-in-class solutions for every business function. Check out our implementation partners page to see how easy it is to have your most important business applications working together.

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Partner Lead Referrals

Are you an Accounting Seed Partner and have a client that's interested in speaking with one of our Sales Representatives? 

Please use the button below to access our Lead Referrals form. You will be asked to provide your contact information along with the prospect's information. Upon submitting the form one of our representatives will be sure to reach out.

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US Partner - augeöBPM

“After one demo of Accounting Seed, my first thought was ‘Yup, I’m going to use this.’”

Ken Christiansen, founder and CEO of augeōBPM, stumbled upon Tony Zorc, founder and CEO of Accounting Seed, during Dreamforce. That meeting redirected his life as a CFO.

augeōBPM is a business process outsourcing partner of Accounting Seed that specializes in solution design, data integration and migration, accounting and statement generation, and audit support. The company provides customers with a full business solution through Accounting Seed and other Salesforce applications.

“Accounting Seed is quite an upgrade, it’s smooth to handle, the user interface is so much faster, and overall, it gives us a really good feeling.”

Rico Marder



EMPAUA is a European digital consultancy, headquartered in Berlin with offices in four countries. Similar to Accounting Seed, EMPAUA can work with clients in every industry.

With over 1,400 customer projects completed in just seven years, EMPAUA offers general business process experience and in-depth industry knowledge. They have a team of dedicated professionals with a combined total of 100+ years of Salesforce experience, known for their fast, effective, and reliable one-stop-shop service.

With the power of Salesforce and Accounting Seed, EMPAUA mapped out a custom accounting solution that successfully connected Accounting Seed to DATEV. In doing so, data is exported from Accounting Seed to DATEV monthly for optimal tax accounting efficiency.