Financial Dashboards & Reports

Automated accounting software pulls in real-time data so your business can make educated financial and accounting decisions. Create custom reports and dashboards with Accounting Seed

Turnkey Financial Dashboards

Our financial dashboards for businesses enable users to effortlessly visualize large data sets through clean graphical representations that are often used for crisp and concise C-suite presentations. The user-friendly dashboard and interface give you the ability to quickly access or create reports. Utilize the power to analyze real-time business performance, operational and management statistics, and even sales metrics without managing a complex chart of accounts.

Customized Financial Dashboards

With our cloud-based accounting software, you can create a customized dashboard that covers your accounting and order management—as well as your sales, operations, support, and more. You will have complete control of how you present your data.  Our dashboards can be configured with simple drag-and-drop functionality to your specific preference, making them easy to both create and manage.

Dig Deeper

Accounting Seed’s interactive custom click-no code, and built-in graphics lets you easily create real-time reports that tackle your toughest reporting needs. Financial statements can be developed with user-defined rows, columns, and calculations. You can draw even more details using our Ledger Inquiry Tool to research underlying transactions, and when you need specific information, just drill down to transaction details.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance your data analysis with reporting that includes both types of performance metrics: financial reporting and operational reporting

  • Improve performance according to your organization’s unique drivers

  • Streamline your chart of accounts without undermining reporting flexibility

“We see Accounting Seed as a complete business solution, allowing us to pilot our sales operations, accounting and finance. More importantly, it is adapted for the French market, which is always a challenge with financial solutions from overseas editors.”

Olivier Marnac

General Manager, CMO at Zenconnect

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

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