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Accounting for those enabling financial success

Whether you’re helping clients with their investment strategy or advising on retirement distribution requirements, Accounting Seed can help. Easily gauge the financial health of all your clients’ accounts and manage your book of business more efficiently with a fully connected front and back office. Expedite financial processes and automate essential functions like billing with simple click-through steps while gaining control over how you collect and manage financial data.

Simplify your business operations with one platform to manage CRM and Accounting. Cut manual tasks and accelerate cash flow while giving sales, operations, and finance a real-time view of business performance—without costly integrations. 

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I have been able to create so many automations, reports, dashboards—you name it. All of which allow us to perform accounting tasks in a snap. Things that took days now take an hour.

Monica Bunch Founder, SiFer Consulting

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Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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