Revenue Recognition

Companies choose Accounting Seed’s software to vastly streamline how they manage their financial needs and for our revenue recognition feature. Recognize revenue in accordance with your individual company’s policies and standards to ensure all income is accurately reflected.

Automate Revenue Management

Accounting Seed’s customizable revenue management software lets you integrate with your CRM to improve efficiency and save time. It will recognize patterns, make connections, and classify financial data while liberating your finance department’s time. Given the extraordinary efficiency, enhanced financial accuracy, and speed of data accumulation to help your team with decision-making, choosing financial management software with an emphasis on automation, like Accounting Seed, is an easy call.

Manage Deferred Revenue

Accounting Seed is a double-entry GAAP and IFRS-compliant system. Accounting Seed’s rapid revenue recording feature lets you easily recognize revenue according to your unique requirements. Customize your accounts receivable for revenue recognition based on your own procedures and policies for a smoother and more efficient process. Automate your revenue recognition via the API to streamline your business workflow.

Out-of-the-box Functionality

With Accounting Seed, customers can easily reap the benefits of our out-of-the-box functionality that reduces your dependence on multiple IT resources or platforms. Users will notice they can handle revenue management and revenue recognition requirements with custom configuration, not scripting or coding. Structure your workflows to capture and edit contracts natively in your CRM without additional integration software.

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Key Benefits

  • Streamline revenue recognition with automated revenue and expense reallocation

  • Flexibly configure revenue recognition terms and insights

  • Gain deep and broad revenue insights with complete reporting – from orders to contracts to operational metrics

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

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