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Learn Accounting for Free with these Resources

Accounting is an important skill to have, both for business and everyday life. Yet many individuals, even business leaders, aren’t accounting literate! It can be hard to find the time to do online accounting courses, and they can be expensive. That is why we are presenting you with a bunch of FREE online accounting courses that you can take at your own pace. Let’s look at a few sites where you can learn accounting for free online.

Learn Accounting For Free is a website with an online course where you can start to learn accounting for, well, free! This ENTIRE course is free and entirely video-based. You’ll learn through 75+ hours of speed-adjustable lessons with synchronized graphics providing an engaging learning experience. Test yourself with hundreds of practice quizzes and detailed video explanations to make sure the accounting skills are sinking in. 

Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach is another great resource that you can learn accounting basics. You’ll be offered 33 different sections of accounting info for free. However, they do offer Pro and Pro Plus options with more advanced classes when you’ve mastered accounting fundamentals. But, for someone just wanting to learn the basics, the free option is just fine! 

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Accounting Course

The CFI provides a two-part accounting fundamentals course that will guide you through the accounting process. This course will explore the layout of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. You’ll also learn how to prepare financial statements from scratch. This free accounting course is an essential building block required for performing financial modeling and other types of financial analysis. This is an awesome course to do at your own pace and quickly.

Accounting Seed Resources

At Accounting Seed, we believe in the power of accounting and strive for everyone to be accounting literate so that they can achieve their professional and personal goals. Here are just some free resources that we offer to help you learn accounting. 

Accounting Seed offers a variety of free guides that you can easily download. Let’s take a look at a few of them below!

Accounting Vocabulary Guide

Whether you’re an accounting pro or just learning the basics, our Accounting Vocabulary Guide has all the accounting terminology ready for you to learn. Here, you’ll find comprehensive textbook definitions, as well as street definitions. We created this resource to be an insightful and amusing guide to help our users approach accounting. 

Financial Security Guide

As businesses rely more on cloud-based technology, this presents many opportunities, but also challenges. This guide will help you understand the threats to your financial data and help you pinpoint critical features needed for a truly secure accounting system. Download today!

Integration Guide

Many businesses cringe at the thought of integrating to a new accounting system, anticipating an expensive, complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you transition to a modern accounting system that uses a robust API. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about integrating your accounting software with the rest of your company’s entire financial cycles and how it can transform your business.

Accounting Seed Blog

We believe in giving you the latest scoop on new accounting trends, accounting tech, and articles giving you the basics of accounting. From deferred revenue to the principles behind the general ledger, we post two blogs a week to help you understand core accounting terms and functions. Many of our blogs also have videos accompanying them too! Subscribe below! 

The Accounting Game with Buddy

Who says learning accounting has to be boring?! To help you understand accounting, while having fun at the same time, our mascot, Buddy invented an accounting board game! 

The game puts players in the role of the accountant. You will identify what financial transactions are being performed and actually balance the debits and credits involved. We’ll delve into the ways debits and credits generated through accounting events and see the different financial dimensions of your business. To help you learn the accounting fundamentals behind the game, you can watch the companion video. 

After watching, download the Accounting Game Guide, game pieces, and board here. You can also use this guide as a resource and follow along in our video as you play. From Accounting Seed, we hope you have a fun experience and as always, good accounting!

Accounting Seed University

If you’re an Accounting Seed user looking to learn how to use your accounting technology,  join thousands of others Accounting Seed users in our interactive eLearning environment! Blaze through detailed video lessons and practice quizzes at your own pace and in several categories.

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is continually updated with free articles geared to answer accounting process questions within Accounting Seed. You’ll find explanations of several core accounting functions and learn how you can manage your accounting lifecycle through our product!

At Accounting Seed, user experience is one of our guiding focus points and among our major strengths. Our award-winning technology gives you easier accounting without the strain of rigid software and meticulous processes.

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