The Accounting Game

The Accounting Game is an interactive, easy-to-use
board game that teaches accounting basics.

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The Accounting Game

The series is an equally great supplement for high school and college-aged students enrolled in accounting and financial management courses. The game starts by diving into the debits and credits generated through business operations and ends with financial reporting.

Before you start playing the Accounting Game, check out our feature video explaining the accounting fundamentals behind the game! Don’t worry, this isn’t a boring lecture!

“Wow! Once again Accounting Seed demonstrates its leadership position and creative thinking by giving accounting managers the tools (a game!) to help their leadership, staff, and I/T departments (virtually anyone) to understand the fundamentals of accounting.”

John Benza

CEO, World Venture

Download The Accounting Game

Ready to get started? Download our Accounting Game Guide and Game Board package! You’ll receive all the pieces you need, detailed instructions, and a written breakdown of the core accounting functions that inspired the game. Have fun!

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