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2020 Guide to Financial Security: Accounting Systems

2020 Guide to Financial Security: Accounting Systems

This guide will help you understand the threats to your finances and help you pinpoint critical features needed for a truly secure accounting system.

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Alternatives to QuickBooks ®

If you’re beginning to wonder, it’s totally safe to assume that your company has outgrown QuickBooks. Most companies do. In fact, almost all of our customers have that in common.

Integration Guide

Interested in learning about the benefits of Accounting Seed? Check out our Integration to Accounting Seed guide.


Here users can learn more about customizing Accounting Seed’s functionalities complete with examples, articles, code blocks, and screenshots.

A Guide to Accounting Apps

If you are looking for a new accounting solution, you need to really pinpoint the “why.”

DCAA Compliance Guide

Are you a government contracted business looking for new accounting software?

2020 Accounting Technology Buyers Guide

To help you select the best accounting solution, we’ve compiled the top consideration points in the 2020 Accounting Technology Buyers Guide.

Vocabulary Guide

Have you ever wondered what an accounting term meant? Read our accounting vocabulary guide for all your accounting-based terms. Complete with textbook and street definitions.

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco Handles The Holidays with Accounting Seed

The busiest time of the year for any nonprofit organization is without a doubt the holiday season. Donations are flowing in from all over the world. Annual reviews, financial reports, and budget...

Creating Space for Real Connection

Imagine for a second. You’re sitting in a restaurant with a friend or significant other that you haven’t had a chance to catch-up with for several weeks. You’re trying to have a conversation but can...

Devices for Students Goes Back to School with Accounting Seed

It’s that time of the year again. The smell of fall is in the air, and it’s back to school time for students, parents, and teachers. But, the 2020-21 school year is unlike any other in years...

Custom Accounting is the Golden Thread

Recently, we caught up with Dru Dalton, founder, and CEO of Real Thread. They've been an Accounting Seed customer since 2012. We checked in to see how they’ve been able to utilize Accounting Seed...

Accounting Seed Helps NetPlus Alliance Thrive

The town of Lockport, NY, is full of tributes to the glory days of the industrial revolution. Located downtown, right on Canal Street, the office of NetPlus Alliance sits right next to a system of...

Owning It

Startup Firm, White & Gale Consulting, scales their business with Native Apps on Salesforce®. There are growing businesses all over the world - some are growing faster than anticipated. This...

NVIS Gains Inventory Management Through a Different Lens

How Accounting Seed’s inventory management features streamlined operations for NVIS, inc.  NVIS, inc. started out as a dream to provide the highest quality immersive computer displays for...

Saving Lives One Truck at a Time

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus empowers fire departments around the world with the help of Salesforce and Accounting Seed.

Law Firm Ayo & Iken Scales Their Business with Cloud-Based Technology

Harnessing modern, cloud-based software like Salesforce and Accounting Seed, Ayo & Iken Attorneys and Advocates have secured and grown their legal practice.

Purposeful Change Enables Responsible Growth With SiFer Consulting

Salesforce guru, Monica Bunch, leader of SiFer Consulting, makes change attractive for businesses. Starting your own business isn’t easy, but Moncia Bunch, founder of SiFer Consulting, is finding her way, and succeeding.

Customer Stories

Accounting Seed works with a wide range of unique customer organizations from many different industries, but they all share the same financial management success with the help of our flexible, easy-to-use accounting software. Our partners share our success through the use of our many integrations, such as our multi-currency and multi-company integrations.

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