Tony Zorc

Chief Executive Officer

tony zorc

Leveraging his combined experience in public accounting, finance, and IT, Tony Zorc started Accounting Seed in 2008 with the goal of creating an innovative, open architecture accounting application on the Salesforce platform.

Tony designed this technology to embrace the CRM mindset of not forcing users to perform business processes the way a software maker designed, rather providing a toolset empowering the users to determine how to best organize and manage the back office. This defining quality of the Accounting Seed product has led to the company’s continuous vertical growth over the next 10 years.

Under Tony’s leadership, Accounting Seed has sold over 14,000 licenses to customers worldwide and throughout many industries. Tony’s unique approach to accounting software has earned Accounting Seed a place among CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Accounting Solutions Providers – 2018. Tony has also been featured as a guest on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, where Accounting Seed was recognized as a revolutionary and successful business tool.

Before starting Accounting Seed, Tony worked as CPA at BDO, performing a broad range of financial services such as auditing and tax preparation for customers. At Herman Miller, Tony worked as the International Finance Manager where he directed internal audits and managed the finances for international subsidiaries. He then went on to serve as a Controller and CFO for Accelera Romaro. Later, Tony transitioned into software consulting to pursue his growing interest in IT. Working as a Solutions Architect for SSI Consulting, he sold and implemented Microsoft mid-market systems, serving dual roles as a Presales Engineer and Technical Sales Consultant.

Tony has a degree in accounting from Hope College. Fitness is key to Tony’s daily routine, and he loves all things science-fiction and is a lifelong LEGO hobbyist.