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LionHeart Critical Power Specialists achieved 40% growth moving from QuickBooks to Accounting Seed. Here’s how they did it.

Hospitals, data centers, and government buildings all are critical facilities that impact the well-being of every individual. Most are running 24-hours a day, which means losing power and ceasing operations is not an option. That’s where LionHeart Critical Power Specialists come in.

As Controller at LionHeart, JeaNae Remala and her team are the essential cogs that keep the back office running smoothly with the help of Accounting Seed. Through their support, the field team can focus on providing world-class service and rapid response to clients.

“Our mission at LionHeart is really to provide peace of mind to our clients so that they know their power systems are not going to fail them in times of need,” said Remala. “In the event of a storm or system failure, we service the back power solution that keeps these critical buildings running when the normal power grid is out.”

An Integrated Solution Becomes a Must-Have for Growth

As a backup power supplier, LionHeart deeply understands the need for a front and back office solution that won’t fail them in times of need. When their former approach of combining QuickBooks, Excel, and Outlook couldn’t keep up with the demands of their clients, LionHeart knew it was time for a change.

“We needed to move on and have a comprehensive system that tied together with a CRM. Accounting Seed was the recommended accounting software that was certified and sat on the Salesforce Platform,” said Remala.

Leadership had eyes on growth and the demand was there. In order to serve the expanding customer base, LionHeart could not function without a fully integrated system. The hours spent on tracking time in Excel, manually calculating labor on jobs, and compiling work orders, to then upload into QuickBooks just to export it again was all taking time away from serving more businesses in need.

“Not a thing was integrated, and we had no ability to pull any sort of profitability analysis,” said Remala. “How could we set our sights on scale with all these piecemeal tools? Moving onto Accounting Seed and the Salesforce Platform gave us the capacity to grow.”

And growth is exactly what they achieved. Since making the switch to Accounting Seed and Salesforce, Lionheart has grown 40% without having to add any additional accounting staff or building space. Now they are able to analyze the data more often, and ask questions like:

  • What are the most profitable areas we want to pursue?
  • What product lines are most profitable and most efficient for our customers?
  • What areas should the team spend more time on, less time on?

“Before Accounting Seed, we were not truly able to measure KPIs about project and product profitability. We couldn’t see indirect vs direct costs related to work orders, how our estimators and sales reps are really doing. We are very fortunate to have all of that now in an integrated solution,” said Remala.

The Impact of Real Time Data and Reports

With Accounting Seed’s single platform solution, LionHeart has tapped into the power of seeing data in real time with true accuracy. But it isn’t the only benefit that’s proved powerful. Custom reporting and automated recurring tasks are the functions Remala and team rely on every single day.

Remala jumped right into the custom reporting tool to make reports with data she can trust. Now, she runs these reports every month with the click of a button knowing the information reflects a true GAAP financial statement. And, with live data at her fingertips she can use that same data to run management reports with the consistency that her management team needs.

“I can create customizable reports that my owners want to see. No longer am I exporting to Excel and spending hours reformatting everything. That’s all been eliminated. And the elimination of errors and inconsistencies makes a huge difference for an accountant like me. I can now go to my managers with confidence, and know the data and reports I’m providing are consistent and accurate.”

Additionally, the ability to pull data together related to projects and product profitability enabled Remala and team to examine every aspect of the business. Now, the team could see what areas needed improvement and what areas could grow, leading to more strategic decisions to achieve 40% growth.

In addition to the custom reports, the out-of-the-box functionality has helped LionHeart realize immense growth. Recurring journal entries, amortization, and payables are all key tools that help Remala know what the month end will look like well before its closed. What used to take days now takes a few hours at most.

Change is Hard, But No Change is Harder

After working with QuickBooks for years, Remala’s team was hesitant to make the switch to a new solution, even with the knowledge that the current set up wasn’t ideal. Many on her team had never worked with any accounting software outside of QuickBooks, and—just like any change in life—the change from a known, comfortable solution felt daunting.

“Many people here used QuickBooks for years. But, once they understood the structure of how Salesforce and Accounting Seed work – headers, line details, reports, etc. – it became routine. We have access to a lot more data, things you would not have the opportunity to see in QuickBooks,” said Remala.

Changing your daily routine and the way of doing things is scary at first, but Remala has great advice for those in fear of diving into new technology. “Take time to compare the architecture between the system you’re on and the system you are considering. With QuickBooks compared to Accounting Seed, the flexibility and customization made it clear that change was needed and helped fend off some of the opposition the team encountered.”

After implementing Accounting Seed and Salesforce with the help of Gimbal Logic, a certified partner, LionHeart has zero data living outside the platform. No more Excel spreadsheets, no more post-it notes or written office memos. Every product detail and job is in Salesforce and flows to Accounting Seed for invoice processing and beyond.

Powerful Solutions Enable Powerful Customer Service

Now having been on the Accounting Seed platform for four years, Remala looks back on all the progress, positive change, and growth LionHeart has realized, and what a comprehensive, integrated solution has enabled her and the team to accomplish.

“Implementing the Accounting Seed platform has given us the knowledge, the capacity, the efficiency and the effectiveness to meet our growth goals. And most importantly, it’s given us the ability to provide stellar customer service – and that’s vital in our industry.”

With everything in one system, LionHeart can focus their efforts on providing stellar customer experience, which is ultimately what makes their company grow. While LionHeart continues to keep vital businesses up and running, the Accounting Seed solution keeps their business operations running seamlessly.

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