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National Restorations

Crafting Success with One True Platform

Do you have a few cabinets or precious furniture that have been damaged and lost their luster? Before you exhaust time and money finding the perfect replacement, consider restoring them with National Restorations.

National Restorations is trusted experts in providing furniture, millwork, and cabinet restoration services nationwide. Their craftsmen undergo an extensive screening process to ensure they adhere to the highest woodworking standards. Similar to their standards in utilizing top-notch craftsmen, National Restorations also used a thorough evaluation process in determining their business management solution.

Before using Accounting Seed, National Restorations tracked their sales using a custom FileMaker database and accounting tasks through QuickBooks Pro. The process of managing two separate systems for both Sales and accounting, created islands of data and double entry for staff. In addition to the data integrity issues, business reporting was limited. The operations team could not access in real-time the financial data they needed related to jobs performed. As a result, they had to check-in with accounting whether payments or deposits for associated work was received as scheduled.

In order to improve their back office and CRM workflows, National Restorations implemented a three phase, three-year plan to build a true end-to-end business solution. For the initial phase of their plan, Salesforce was chosen as the foundation CRM platform for sales, network development, reporting, and analytics. As part of the final phase, National Restorations would perform a comprehensive evaluation on a new and seamlessly integrated accounting solution.

Along with being native to the Salesforce platform, National Restorations had a specific set of requirements the new accounting system needed to fulfill. These requirements included elimination of multiple data entry, ease of use, enhanced reporting functionality, greater accounting controls, and the flexibility to work within their existing business process. After reviewing several accounting applications on Salesforce, Accounting Seed was selected because it met all of National Restorations requirements.

Since adopting Accounting Seed, National Restorations has been able to automate their back office processes and reduce the amount of operational user access required. “We love that we’re able to minimize the licenses and automate our Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable workflows to fit our existing process and Salesforce objects,” said Chris Donnelly, Vice President of Operations at National Restorations.

How Accounting Seed Has Improved National Restorations’ Workflows

Today, National Restorations still maintains a lean staff thanks to the following results achieved from using Accounting Seed and Salesforce as their true end-to-end business solution.

  • Significantly reduced monthly close-out timeframes
  • Enabled immediate access to actionable accounting data for entire team
  • Greater financial controls and time savings for accounting staff



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