Based in Paris, France, Zenconnect is a dynamic, multi-business model IT company that uses cloud-based solutions to help customers solve IT network problems and provide software connection solutions.

Providing IT Zen

Zenconnect provides clients with a fully managed IT network infrastructure, including switches and routers, security access, and WiFi connection points. Zenconnect’s business model focuses on providing system maintenance to resolve connection issues and assist clients in adopting new technology into the business network.

Zenconnect’s motto, “Stay zen, we connect you”, truly encapsulates the ideas of connectivity and efficiency that defines the core mission of the company. The quality and resilience of Zenconnect’s integration management has led them to continually increase deployments in the European market, leading to company growth.

Harnessing the Cloud    

Co-founder, Olivier Marnac relates that using the cloud simply makes work easier, efficient, and more cost-effective, both for Zenconnect and their clients. This operating model is also reassuring for clients who rely on technology to deliver key services and run day-to-day functions. Through cloud-based maintenance, Zenconnect can investigate issues, communicate with software partners, and deliver corrections right when problems occur. This is a key service for clients.    

One incident occurred with a major nationwide burger restaurant chain (one of Zenconnect’s biggest clients with over 250 locations in France) in which the point-of-sale system began malfunctioning just before the lunchtime rush. The staff couldn’t process customer orders, putting the restaurant at risk of losing a valuable revenue opportunity due to software failure. Zenconnect corrected the issue within five minutes by confirming the issue source and swiftly communicating the problem with the software partner for resolution. The flexibility and timeliness of their cloud-based operation is another differentiation that gives Zenconnect an edge over their competitors.

A 360-Degree View of the Business

Zenconnect decided that a cloud-based CRM was a decisive tool because it provided flexibility and access to all the essential tools needed to manage the vast operation. Olivier related that the Salesforce platform gives a truly comprehensive view of the entire business, including project management, ticketing, marketing, and accounting through Accounting Seed. Originally, Zenconnect explored several accounting programs but selected Accounting Seed because it adapted easily to their core needs.


We have a 360° view of our customers. All channels from sales to invoicing to customer support are centralized in a single database, delivering the best service to customers.”

– Yohann Lecornet, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Officer at Zenconnect


The customizable features within Accounting Seed allowed financial reporting features to be adapted for French accounting regulations, which was essential. In addition, Accounting Seed launched quickly and started operating after one night of implementation. Olivier also mentioned that the accounting tools were optimized to measure profitability and growth in a way that really helped inform key decisions relevant to their specific business. Payment processes became more streamlined through seamless bank interfacing and automation, making life a lot easier. Accounting Seed also contributed to a 20% boost in productivity and a 100 percent improvement in invoicing, customer support, and sales functions. This combination of flexible features and cloud-based functionality lets Zenconnect manage the back office more fluidly while continuing to impact clients and grow the depth of its business.

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Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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