Christopher Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

In 2009, Christopher Johnson joined Tony Zorc to build the Accounting Seed Financial Suite application into what it is today: a highly flexible and customizable system designed to maximize the customer’s entire financial management experience.

In 2011, Chris spearheaded the implementation of the Accounting Seed Order Inventory Management control features in the software. As the Chief Technology Officer, Chris continues to lead efforts refining the Accounting Seed product. Chris also combines his skills as a business analyst to help customers develop and configure the requirements they need in order to gain true value from our product.

Chris brings Accounting Seed over 20 years’ experience in application development for both government and commercial clients. Working for companies like Buan Consulting and Catapult Consulting, Chris has led numerous development projects that have relied on his broad IT skills and aptitude for designing unique solutions. Several of his projects included modifying applications using different technology stacks relevant to the problem domain in order to achieve desired functionalities. Honing his Agile methodology and knowledge of software architecture, Chris applies this experience to navigate customer software limitations into new benefits through Accounting Seed.

Chris has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.