Recently, we introduced our new Accounting Seed mascot, Buddy! Now, Buddy is here to share sales tips you can apply to your methodology today. Since Buddy has seen it all working alongside Founder and CEO of Accounting Seed, Tony Zorc, he has become quite the sales expert and picked up some sales tips along the way.

Since coming to life, Buddy has helped not only Accounting Seed flourish, but he has also helped teach accounting all over the world with our release of The Accounting Game with Buddy! So, let’s see what tips the sales expert, Buddy, has for business owners and sales representatives today.

seeds of wisdom from buddy

Focus on Making a Difference

At the beginning of the sales process, most companies don’t necessarily care about your product or service. They care about the difference your product or solution could make for their organization. Let’s be honest, all businesses want to succeed. 

So how do you get customers to pay attention long enough to see the benefits your product will bring? Change your focus! Focus on the customer and their needs before exploring how your solution will address their problems. Showcase how it has helped similar companies and elaborate on what it can do to help their unique situation. This makes the connection more personal and draws the prospect closer to your brand. Instead of focusing on what your product is, try focusing on why or how it is going to help their business.

Take Your Time on Sales

When you’re getting your business started, it’s common to feel eager for success and to want to get the ball rolling on sales. But, our most important sales tip is to be careful and not to rush the sale. When clients are looking into your product, they usually want to take it slow, especially when a more expensive product or service is involved. They’ll want to get to know your company, the product, and build a relationship with you.  Your patience and clear communication will foster trust and steer the sale successfully.  The more you try to rush the customer, the more hesitant they will become to move forward. Instead, let the customer dictate the pace.

Try spreading information out over multiple meetings so that you can advance the sales process one step at a time. No one likes to be rushed, especially when they are considering a new product or solution for their company. 

Always Have a Next Step

It’s critical to have a next step in the sales process. You never want to leave a meeting or conversation without a solid next step that has been agreed upon by both parties. It’s important to always try to schedule the next meeting or call while you have the prospect on the line. This ensures that emails sent after the meeting don’t get lost in the shuffle of other communication. Sometimes single follow-up emails get pushed aside in the hecticness. Avoid this by scheduling the next discussion right then and there. This will be more efficient than going back and forth to find a day and time that works for the both of you. Once you confirm, send an email with the details so the prospect will remember. 

Understand Your Buyers

This is the most important sales tip Buddy can give you. Understand your buyers and who you are trying to sell your products to. It is KEY to understand and target your sales to each individual buyer and their decision-making process. When you get the answers to these questions, tailor your process to the specific buyer type and ultimately win more deals. To learn more about how you can understand the different types of buyers, check out this article on The 6 Buyer Personas (and How to Sell to Them) written by Nike Schultz. 

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