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Top 3 Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023 

Every year, Salesforce users from across the globe flood the streets of San Francisco to learn, connect, and grow at Salesforce’s flagship event—Dreamforce. Having been a Salesforce Partner for nearly 15 years, Accounting Seed has seen many iterations of the annual user conference, but 2023 was certainly one for the books! With AI innovations at every corner and deep-dive sessions for three days straight, the Accounting Seed team has several takeaways that will impact businesses for years to come—and we want to share them with you.

Here are our top three takeaways from Dreamforce 2023:

  1. It’s all about AI…responsibly

Artificial Intelligence is the topic of conversation in today’s market, and Salesforce showcased their commitment to not only bringing the best in AI technology, but also sharing how to utilize AI ethically, sustainably, and responsibly. With the announcement of the Einstein 1 Platform, alongside Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio, Salesforce is giving businesses the power to implement AI from both an admin and user perspective while upholding privacy and security through Einstein Trust.

Salesforce has stated that Einstein 1 is, “integrated, intelligent, automated, low code, and open,” but what does that really mean? And, how does that impact you? Check out this detailed recap from Salesforce Ben to understand how the technology works and how it can benefit companies on Salesforce.

And, to learn more about the Einstein Trust Layer to ensure your data is protected, stream this session from Dreamforce titled, “Generate Responsible AI with Einstein.

  1. Salesforce is committed to data quality

Salesforce made it clear at Dreamforce they are equally committed to providing tools to help your business’ data quality and security, particularly with Data Cloud (formerly Salesforce Genie) and Tableau. In fact, Salesforce announced that customers who are on Sales and Service Cloud (using Enterprise or Unlimited editions) can access a free package including two Tableau Creator Licenses, and Data Cloud Licenses for up to 10,000 profiles.

Why now? AI only works when your data is clean, accurate, and reliable. Over the last few years, Data Cloud and Tableau have been considered “out of scope” or “mysterious” to the everyday Salesforce user. With the push for AI, businesses need to better understand their customer data and experiences, and these tools—along with many Salesforce-native apps on the AppExchange—are essential with the rise of AI technology. Check out the AI and Data Keynote to understand how these solutions interact with AI in Salesforce.

  1. AppExchange Partners are leading the way

With nearly 200 sponsors this year, Dreamforce 2023 brought together the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem in a way that hasn’t been seen since pre-COVID. From household names like IBM and Deloitte to Salesforce-native apps like Natterbox and Accounting Seed, the Dreamforce Campground, Dreamforest, and surrounding areas of San Francisco were lined with AppExchange solutions ready to showcase their investment in data and AI. There was a sense that each Salesforce Partner was either currently developing or releasing a new product, feature, or program related to data quality and AI.

Accounting Seed, a fully Salesforce-native accounting solution, launched its next-gen Financial Analytics solution during Dreamforce. It gives businesses the ability to quickly analyze high volumes of data and drill into any number of dimensions—all built on Salesforce CRM Analytics. Read more about this new tool in the news or on the Accounting Seed website.

Dreamforce is the Salesforce event of the year, every year. Salesforce shared exciting technological transformations coming down the pike while upholding their commitment to keeping CRM at the core of everything they do. At Accounting Seed, we’re excited and eager to see what comes next, and look forward to seeing our fellow trailblazers again at Florida Dreamin’ in October!

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