Manage all your client subscriptions and service data in a single platform to have a complete understanding of your company’s finances.

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No matter how you base your software subscriptions, Accounting Seed’s adaptability lets you modify billing and revenue recognition functions to fully support your individual needs. All our accounting features are customizable, letting you incorporate any data, formulas, and procedures you require to ensure that your business operates the way you want. Our project accounting features let you capture the specific details of all your projects and house the data on the same platform. This keeps your financial information consistent while eliminating the need to rely on multiple systems to manage your various initiatives for clients.


Key Features for Software Companies

Recurring Billing

Bill clients for software use on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or semiannual basis. Use batch billing to save time and send multiple bills at once.


Deferred Revenue

Easily track the deferred revenue from client subscriptions to ensure you remain within budget and on track to achieve business goals.


Project Accounting

Monitor the scope and expenses of each of your projects to remain within budgetary targets and in-line with client expectations.

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