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Accounting that simplifies selling

Whether you’re selling items locally or around the world, Accounting Seed can help. Easily manage your inventory, streamline your operations, and increase profitability. Sell to your consumers more effectively from anywhere. Use real-time finance and sales data to understand profitability and what’s in demand for your market. 

Simplify your business operations with one platform to manage CRM and Accounting. Cut manual tasks and accelerate cash flow while giving sales, operations, and finance a real-time view of business performance—without costly integrations. 

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There’s no [need for] double entry. The data is entered once, and that’s it. We aren’t like those companies that do double data entry, because our billing object is so tightly integrated with our ordering object, there’s no double entry.

Dru Dalton Founder & CEO, Real Thread

Its ability to keep a track record of all our financial and transactional data is phenomenal! Accounting Seed’s mobile and cloud-based capabilities are a wonderful asset to our company.

Giorgios Karayannis Founder, Kolossos Olive Oil

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