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EMPAUA Adapts Accounting Seed for German Market and German Company, TGS Teegen

For this month’s Customer Story, we’re highlighting the German company, TGS Teegen. They partnered with EMPAUA to implement Accounting Seed. TGS Teegen is a family-owned, mid-market, industrial, and health cleaning services company located near Stuttgart, Germany. They also have a sister office in Leipzig, Germany as well.

Since starting in 1978, TGS Teegen has grown strong with over 2000 employees. TGS Teegen specializes in highly complex industrial cleaning services and high-intensity hospital cleaning services. These cleaning services require frequent quality certification and around-the-clock management, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Over time, the IT infrastructure of TGS continued to age and become obsolete. To remain competitive in their market, they decided to aggregate their entire business on Salesforce. This pivot would mean managing all sales, object management, time tracking for over 2000 employees, application management, and their entire accounting process onto the Salesforce platform.


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EMPAUA Steps Up to the Challenge

In addition to modernizing their IT, TGS Teegen needed a new accounting application by the end of 2020. This is because their current accounting application, Sage Financials, was discontinuing its services in the European market. TGS Teegen contacted EMPAUA, a Salesforce implementation partner/consultant in Germany, to spearhead the project.  

EMPAUA successfully adapted Accounting Seed for the German Market and for TGS Teegen’s unique processes. So far, the German industrial cleaner has seen great results from their custom-made accounting solution. When asked about their use of Accounting Seed, CFO, Jan Wörle said, “Accounting Seed has a clearly structured user interface that runs much faster compared to our prior system (Sage Financials). The integration of our billing from Salesforce to Accounting Seed has also been flawless and easy to use.” 

Adapting Accounting Seed for the German Market

Taking an American accounting application and building it for a German company sounds like a big project, but to EMPAUA, it’s just another project for one of their 800 customers. They’ve completed more than 1,200 custom Salesforce implementation projects and have a combined 100+ years of total experience. 

DATEV Connection 

DATEV is a cooperative of tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers that specialize in filing taxes for organizations in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and more. Companies in these countries utilize DATEV software to comply with all of their tax regulations. EMPAUA mapped out a custom accounting solution for the German market by using Salesforce and Accounting Seed. They successfully connected Accounting Seed to DATEV and in doing so, export data to DATEV on a monthly basis for optimal tax accounting efficiency. In fact, they built a custom DATEV Connector that allows the refactoring of all bookkeeping relevant data into DATEV readable records. 

Their custom connector uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data processing and to export file generation. It also re-formats CSV bank exports into Accounting Seed’s OFX format via Salesforce based on the custom converter tool in Lightning Web Components. 

Invoicing and Billing 

TGS Teegen also needed to revamp their invoicing, including their follow-up processes. They wanted to be able to effectively measure their profitability including all of their direct and indirect costs. They needed to automate the following:

  • Incoming invoice processing
  • Processing of incoming payments from customers
  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)
  • Processing of outgoing payments to suppliers

To learn more about the power of automation and Accounting Seed, download our Accounting Automation Guide. With the help of Apex Based Solutions, EMPAUA developed a monthly invoicing run where a custom solution can generate up to 800 billings each month with just the click of a button. Finally, they built a monthly re-allocation logic to assign overhead cost to cost centers. 

Bank Direct Connect

TGS Teegen needed an automated banking tool to assist in their accounting processes. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate their bank statement and automate the reconciliation of open positions. 

Again, EMPAUA utilized an Apex Based Solution through Accounting Seed for this automation. They configured a process that would generate an XML-based SEPA file for payments that could be uploaded to their bank account. “A particular highlight for me and my team is the Bank Direct functionality together with EMPAUA’s auto-matching add-on. This allows us to automatically match the bank exports with Salesforce records in a highly reliable way and on a daily basis,” Wörle said of Accounting Seed’s custom banking tool. 

Accounting Seed as a Custom German Accounting Solution

TSG Teegen has seen remarkable improvements throughout their entire accounting department since adopting Accounting Seed. EMPAUA focused on building their solution with a higher level of automation resulting in a 30% efficiency increase. Their customer payments are automatically matched to open Billings. In Sage Financials, this had to be done manually. 

There’s also a 90% faster user interface (UI) in Accounting Seed, as it uses Salesforce Standard and not custom pages in the UI as Sage Financials did. And finally, TSG Teegen has noticed a faster year-end close. This is because all of their bookings are already in DATEV, where their tax advisor is reviewing and preparing the year close.

Are you interested in having a custom accounting solution built for your organization in the German market? Contact EMPAUA for more information on how you can save time and money by choosing Accounting Seed for all of your accounting needs. 



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