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New Automation and Computing Features with Geranium

Our new Geranium release pushes the boundaries of traditional accounting by offering the newest and most innovative features in automation and computing.

Geranium builds on several of our essential functions. Chief among them are recurring billing, payable, and journal entry automation. Additionally, we’re pleased to announce new banking and multi-currency functionalities. Let’s take a look at some of our most exciting new features.

    1. Multi-Currency Processing with Stripe: Geranium gives users the ability to process multi-currency customers, credit card payments in non-USD currency, through an expanded Stripe integration.
    2. Recurring Billing, Payable, and Journal Entry Automation: Geranium gives users the ability to create and post records automatically, based on the frequency specified in the Recurring Billings, Recurring Payables, and Recurring Journal Entries.
    3. Increased Flexibility When Billing from the Opportunity: Geranium provides the user with more flexibility by incorporating new field sets in the Create Billing and Create Recurring Billing intermediate screens on the Salesforce Opportunity. This allows users to add or remove data fields in these screens to capture or streamline the record creation process.
    4. Real-time Bank Balance Updates: Geranium gives users the ability to view their bank account balances and available credit limit in real-time through the Bank Direct Connect feature.
    5. Automatic Clearing of Bank Transactions: Transactions brought in through the Bank Direct Connect tool, entered or matched to existing transactions, will automatically default to “cleared” in the next bank reconciliation.

For an in-depth look at these new Geranium features, and more, in action, check out our latest release video or browse the release notes. We are here to help, if you have any questions please contact our support team.

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