Healthcare Accounting Software   

Accounting Seed’s robust solution set gives you a host of essential accounting tools that can all be tailored to meet essential regulatory or organizational requirements.

Manage your accounting your way

Accounting Seed’s emphasis on adaptability and customization gives you full autonomy over how you structure your financial management system. Manage your accounting your way, for a faster and easier experience. Automate key processes like billing, orders, and purchasing to reduce your own workload and maximize operational efficiency.

Report transactions to ensure customer and regulatory information is delivered efficiently to all appropriate parties.

We were able to start using the product within days of the setup being completed. The product is flexible enough that we are able to use it for many different areas.

Daniel Loch

Director, Implementation and Client Services, gloStream

Key Features for Healthcare



Create your own reports, billing cycles, and automation features to create a streamlined system that fits all your needs.


Our automation features allow you to streamline business processes with just clicks, not code, for faster and easier financial processes.

Account Inquiry

Account Inquiry

Easily find specific answers to individual transactions to satisfy audits or customer questions.

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