Manage membership accounts, event logistics, and projects all within a single platform and in one interface.

Accurate Accounting

Accounting Seed’s easily configurable and customizable features let you tailor the way your membership finances are organized and calculated according to your association’s requirements. Automate billing procedures and collections to streamline the way you process fees and pay organizational costs.

Your association will have access to other essential management tools while all your financial data remains consolidated for accurate, efficient accounting.

…we are so excited with our Salesforce implementation because we have chosen firms, like Accounting Seed, that care about our success, that actually enjoy interacting with their clients and that learn new ways to adapt and expand their product offering.
John Benza

VP Finance and Administration, WorldVenture

Key Features for Assocations

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing

Memberships can be billed on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or semiannual basis. Bills can be quickly adjusted whenever changes are needed.

Project Accounting

Project Accounting

Track all the financials for key initiatives, programs, and events to remain within budget and achieve goals.

Member Portal

Member Portal

Members can easily view and pay their bills online while also learning about events or other information you wish to share.

Transform Your Business Now

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