Customer Success Stories

Accounting Seed works with a wide range of unique customer organizations from many different industries, but they all share the same financial management success with the help of our flexible, easy-to-use accounting software. Our partners share our success through the use of our many integrations, such as our multi-currency and multi-company integrations.
When You Need a Hand
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top brass customer success story
Cleaning up Shop
From paper to the cloud, Top Brass Building Services brought in technology to put people first.
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More than a Job
Non-profit organization, Baptist Global Response, changes lives in need across the globe.
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Be Our Guest
From guest to host to company president, David Jacoby takes Hostfully from start-up to highly sought-after software.
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Based in Paris, France, Zenconnect is a dynamic, multi-business model IT company that uses cloud-based solutions to help customers solve IT network problems and provide software connection solutions.
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World Venture
Accounting Seed reduced the processing time of each receipt from 3.5 minutes to a mere 19 seconds, giving all parties a real-time view of the finances in question.
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Real Thread
Custom Accounting for Custom Apparel Everyone has their favorite t-shirt. Its design and comfort make it the go-to attire in our weekly wardrobe rotation.
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Automated Drive Systems
Automated Drive Systems sought a new accounting, projects, and order management solution. The new application had to eliminate double entry and the use of a third-party connection to their CRM system. Because of its affordability, elimination of double entry, and Native Salesforce functionality, Accounting Seed became their new back office solution.
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Kolossos Olive Oil
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tom smith fire customer success story
Tom Smith Fire
Servicing America’s heroes with dependable, state-of-the art gear is an important mission that Tom Smith Fire is proud to supply. Tom Smith Fire couldn’t be more pleased with the results and technology collaboration after employing Salesforce, Accounting Seed, and Cloud Mentor.
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Borrego Solar
Harnessing the Power of Accounting Seed When it comes to renewable energy, solar power is one solution that often comes to mind, and Borrego Solar is at the forefront.
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National Restorations
Crafting Success with One True Platform Do you have a few cabinets or precious furniture that have been damaged and lost their luster? Before you exhaust time and money finding the perfect replacement, consider restoring them with National Restorations.
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Demountable Concepts
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Supporting the Salesforce Ecosystem One General Ledger at a Time
After reading this great blog by Salesforce titled, “The Salesforce Economy to Create 3.3 Million New Jobs by 2022,” I am very optimistic about the future of cloud computing and the potential growth for the Salesforce ecosystem.  More specifically, I am excited to learn about the global economic impact Salesforce, its ecosystem of partners and customers,
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Pax Water Technologies
When it comes to H2O, PAX Water Technologies is an expert at delivering innovative, durable, and energy efficient water quality solutions.  Their equipment and technology are used by municipal water agencies nationwide to safeguard and provide healthy drinking water in the communities they serve.  
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