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Accounting automation saves 250 hours every month for CRMIT Solutions

The Salesforce and Accounting Seed implementation specialist is sharing their successful approach with clients across the globe—after adopting it themselves.

Businesses around the world are using Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)—but the capabilities of the platform span far beyond a traditional CRM system. From sales, service, and operations to industry-specific solutions, Salesforce provides a wide range of products that support every business need (plus an entire Marketplace of partner applications on the Salesforce AppExchange).

With all this technology at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to outline and execute a full plan towards digital transformation, especially if IT systems management isn’t your day job. That’s where CRMIT Solutions comes in.

CRMIT is a Salesforce service provider that believes every company should be able to run their business with flexibility to seamlessly integrate and implement solutions—all while eliminating costly connectors and broken integrations. With over 200+ certified Salesforce CRM and business intelligence consultants, CRMIT has deployed over a thousand successful Salesforce implementations in a variety of industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and government.

But to deliver high-quality Salesforce implementations and services, CRMIT needed to fully adopt their own best practices.

From multiple systems to one solution

In recent years, CRMIT grew rapidly and began taking on more clients and operating in multiple regions, which meant more data to manage, reconcile, and consolidate. The company was using multiple back-office solutions: Tally, Recon, and QuickBooks. The team spent days consolidating financial statements from multiple systems, causing them to get behind on processing statements, increasing human error, and adding to the number of resources needed to run their accounting.

“While Salesforce provides a centralized platform to manage customer data, Accounting Seed automates the financial process involved in the contact-to-cash cycle,” said Dinesh Poduval, Chief Marketing Officer at CRMIT Solutions.

Since implementing Accounting Seed, CRMIT has achieved massive benefits in consolidations, data accuracy, and project tracking. No longer does the team need to pull data from multiple accounting solutions and manually reconcile the data to create reports—giving them more time to focus on their core business activities and work with clients.

“By combining the power of Salesforce and Accounting Seed, we’ve streamlined processes including invoicing, billing, and payments,” said Poduval.

Salesforce-native accounting eliminates errors and processing time

Of all the features in Accounting Seed, CRMIT believes the most impactful one for their business is Multi-Ledger/Multi-Company. This allows CRMIT to use the same General Ledger accounts for all the regions they operate in and generate consolidated statements easily.

“One of our biggest accomplishments using Accounting Seed is being able to prepare consolidated financial statements with ease. Previously, it would take at least four working days to consolidate the group financials, but with Accounting Seed, the process is simple and quick,” said Poduval.

In addition to simplified consolidations, CRMIT is making more effective and efficient business decisions. Accounting Seed delivers real-time data and project performance insights, and, because it is built on Salesforce, all the data is seamlessly integrated without off-platform connectors.

“We are now collaborating and connecting mission-critical business applications and banks for end-to-end visibility of customer data.  We can review data quickly. No longer do we have to wait for each entity’s month-end close. We can get real-time data at any time,” said Poduval. “Not only this, but we can get revenue information at the project level and project costs with the click of a button. No more Excel tracking, which was time consuming and full of errors.”

CRMIT also uses Accounting Seed’s automation capabilities and configuration tools in all areas of their business, such as lead generation, sales, billing and invoicing, and payment processing.

A new partnership blooms

Shortly after moving to Accounting Seed, CRMIT improved financial efficiency by 30%, reduced the month-end close cycle by two weeks, and saved an average of 250 hours a month (which is equivalent to 1.5 head count).

“With the heavy usage of Salesforce in our sales, operations, and professional service activities, having Accounting Seed as a natively integrated solution has enabled us to consolidate our data and streamline access for all team members, eliminating the need for external system integration. After witnessing the impact of a comprehensive opportunity to billing process, we wanted to extend this for our clients,” said Poduval.

Having performed their own implementation of Accounting Seed—and with years of Salesforce expertise—CRMIT is now taking their experience and helping business across the globe. CRMIT uses their implementation and technology experience to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

“We know what the implementation process is like. We use Accounting Seed and Salesforce ourselves. This gives us a unique approach to providing a streamlined implementation of Accounting Seed and Salesforce to our customers from planning to training and beyond,” said Poduval.

Exceeding expectations long after implementation

Now that CRMIT is running their business completely on the Salesforce Platform, their company continues to grow and flourish. The team can focus on their mission: to be the first choice for customers, partners, employees, and thought leaders for delivering CRM solutions. Working smarter, not harder,  with Accounting Seed on Salesforce has put time back in the hands of CRMIT, which has enabled them to reach over 300+ clients across the world.

“Accounting Seed has allowed us to have the necessary data for decision making and increased productivity for our team. And now, we can leverage our experience and partnership to provide clients with the best possible solutions and support.”

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