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Pax Water Technologies

When it comes to H2O, PAX Water Technologies is an expert at delivering innovative, durable, and energy efficient water quality solutions.  Their equipment and technology are used by municipal water agencies nationwide to safeguard and provide healthy drinking water in the communities they serve.  

Founded in 2006, PAX Water utilized various business systems to manage their operations.  However, they found their accounting system, QuickBooks, limited in both manufacturing capabilities and scalability for future business growth.  Because of this, Ken Christiansen, CFO/COO of Pax Water, received the challenge to implement a repeatable and scalable business management system that also adapted with their organizational structure.   

With the various software solutions at the company’s disposal, Ken soon established an initial prototype solution which provided a connection between their financial and manufacturing systems.  However, the connection between the two-stand alone systems was unwieldy, time-consuming to maintain, and encountered integration issues.

While attending Dreamforce, Ken learned about the various accounting and ERP solutions available on the Salesforce platform.  As a result, he selected Accounting Seed because of its design, customizability, and robust accounting and order management feature set built, directly on Salesforce.  

“I was particularly impressed that Accounting Seed bundled so many toolsets along with the system,” said Ken Christiansen.

Noted Improvements after Adopting Accounting Seed

After implementing Salesforce with Accounting Seed, Pax Water now uses one seamless paperless end-to-end platform for their CRM, accounting, and manufacturing needs.  More importantly, they have achieved the following results:

  • 80% reduction in total accounting costs as a percent of revenue
  • 30% decrease in billing cycle time resulting from user automation
  • 30% reduction in CFO time spent related to the accounting process

To learn more about Pax Water’s success with Accounting Seed and how other organizations adopt Salesforce Apps to efficiently manage their business, sign-up here to view on demand, the Salesforce Connected Leaders webinar titled “Break the Silo: Connecting Your Back Office with AppExchange Apps.”

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