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Top Salesforce Blog Sites

Keeping up with a good blog is always important. They can provide so much news and information about your core interest areas in a short snippet. Let’s take a look at some of the best Salesforce blog sites that you should be keeping up with this year. 

Salesforce Ben

Salesforce Ben is written and managed by Ben McCarthy, Chief Revenue Officer at Nymble. Ben has actively shared his Salesforce expertise and ideas since 2014. Besides Ben’s Salesforce knowledge, more than 150 guest posts from other companies and experts in the Salesforce community are highlighted. Including Accounting Seed! Salesforce Ben is a great resource for  Salesforce hacks and news. Once you get on the homepage, you have the opportunity to sign up for exclusive Salesforce news and tips and tricks.

Phil’s Salesforce Tips – Cloud Galacticos Blog

Since 2007, Phil Walton has been engaging MVPs and superstars from within the Salesforce ecosystem into his dynamic and growing consultancy. The Phil’s Salesforce Tips blog is the front of his Cloud Galacticos consultancy site. Leveraging his broad experience with Salesforce, Phil’s Salesforce Tips offers advice, news, and ideas from Salesforce experts that will especially interest Salesforce employees/users looking for resources.  

Salesforce Weekly

Salesforce Weekly is run by three incredible Salesforce MVPs, Michael Gill, Chris Edwards, and Ines Garcia. Salesforce Weekly is one of the most popular blogs in the Salesforce ecosystem. This site is great because each blog is in a different tone of narration, making it more appealing then the same tone in every blog. These amazing Salesforce MVPs take their time to help and educate the community around them. 

SFDC Monkey

SFDC Monkey is written by Piyush Soni, a young Salesforce MVP. This blog focuses on the coding and configuration of Salesforce Lightning. This is a valuable resource when you’re looking for Salesforce workarounds, detailed tutorials, and code samples from Piyush and other members of the Salesforce community. You can even test your lightning knowledge with the game he built: Lightning Quiz Game!

Salesforce SaaS

If you are looking for a light-hearted, humorous, and fun blog with some interesting SFDC news, then the Salesforce SaaS is definitely the blog for you! This awesome blog is authored by two amazing admins, Amy Oplinger and Tom Blamire. The blog showcases their amazing journey with Salesforce as well as some interesting takes on Salesforce with a lot of gifs. This blog has their very own #GifSquad who is dedicated to finding all the best gifs to fill the blogs and twitter page with, so keep your eye out for your favorite gif!

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