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Top Benefits for Salesforce Canada Users

The latest from Salesforce is their new Salesforce Canada! Salesforce Canada is optimized to help Canadian businesses thrive – especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s check out how Salesforce can benefit your Canadian business in the article below.

Benefits Salesforce Canada Users Have Seen

Besides being the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Canadian companies choose Salesforce for its powerful suite of tools. Companies have sales, marketing, and customer service solutions to grow their businesses all from a single platform. Additionally, users can access hundreds of specialized native applications on the AppExchange ranging from accounting to inventory. In fact, Canadian businesses have seen incredible results including:  

  • 48% boost in sales accuracy
  • 44% increase in sales productivity
  • 37% rise account win rate 
  • 57% growth in sales
  • 43% increase in lead conversions

To read more about these top reasons, read here for more information.

Salesforce Helps Canadian Businesses Conquer COVID-19

Like most areas, Canadian businesses have been affected by COVID-19. In a survey of more than 12,600 businesses, 42.2% said they couldn’t operate more than 60 days without a source of revenue. 51.1% said they couldn’t operate longer than 90 days. Fortunately, Salesforce and its native solutions allow your team to keep working safely amidst the restrictions of the pandemic. Let’s see how. 

Remote-Ready Salesforce Features

Remember, Salesforce is a cloud-based platform. This means that all the features and applications on Salesforce can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Using high-level platform tools, you can collaborate with team members, direct operations, manage sales, and more without skipping a beat! Features like chatter and tasks alone are critical for keeping teams engaged and meeting deadlines.  

Native Applications

All native Salesforce applications are available on the Appexchange. These include industry-specific apps and tools for every dimension of the organization. These native tools come with a host of platform-based benefits. For example, native solutions like Accounting Seed require no external integrations to work with your Salesforce CRM. Instead, these solutions can share data more efficiently and accurately to produce better results. These solutions are all cloud-based too, so you can use all these applications remotely.  

Salesforce Packages and Connections 

Salesforce also offers prebuilt native connections that you can use to streamline your workflow. In addition to the general Salesforce CRM there are specific packages designed to enhance different areas of your operations. For example, Sales Cloud and B2B Commerce help Canadian businesses maintain more fluid sales and business operations, respectively.

Other packages are more industry-specific. For example, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Package (NPSP) is designed around the specific needs of nonprofits. Field Service Lightning (FSL) manages field services. Native applications can connect to these packages and run operations more effectively according to industry needs. You still have the full power to customize the platform for unique requirements. 

For Salesforce Canada users experiencing more specific COVID-related difficulties, check out Salesforce’s new COVID resources

Stronger Accounting for Canadian Salesforce Users

The trouble of buying accounting software is that usually, when small or growing businesses select the solution that seems to meet their current needs, it swiftly becomes outdated. This happens when the system cannot adapt or scale with the organization as it develops. Inevitably, businesses grow and requirements change. Most accounting solutions are limited in how they are tailored to adjust to these needs which is a major disadvantage for all businesses. This isn’t the case with Accounting Seed.


Flexibility is a critical IT feature, particularly for the fast-pace Canadian business world. Fortunately, Canadian Salesforce users utilize the most flexible, native Salesforce accounting solution available. This is Accounting Seed! We work with all industry types from startups to enterprise-level. Tapping the power of the Salesforce Platform, our system manages accounting your way! This unparalleled flexibility is courtesy of our Salesforce architecture – we adapt totally to your needs.                                                                                                                                             

Built on Salesforce 

Canadian small businesses have a major advantage using Salesforce because Accounting Seed works seamlessly with the rest of the platform. No integration required! Whether it’s to individual apps, Salesforce packages, or just the CRM, Accounting Seed ensures your accounting is seamlessly connected and reliable. No more data inaccuracies as a result of time-consuming manual reentry. Begin a job or start a project in another app and automatically manage the finances in Accounting Seed without leaving Salesforce. 


Heavily focusing on automation, Accounting Seed helps your work on Salesforce be faster and cleaner than ever before. Accounting Seed utilizes click-not-code automation which enables you to do multiple functions with just a button click. You can also run multiple batch operations sequentially according to your defined processes. Billing can be automated for daily, weekly, and monthly periods and coordinated with the rest of your Salesforce automations. 

These features and more make Accounting Seed the number one accounting solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. Reach out to your local Salesforce account executive or schedule a free demo today!

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Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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