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Streamlining Quote to Cash in Accounting Seed

When it comes to invoicing through your business management system, workflow simplicity is key. The steps involved in preparing an order or project for billing does not have to be an arduous process.  In our Financial Suite 3.6.1 release, the process for creating a billing has never been easier!  Here are some of the new features specifically designed to streamline your efforts when invoicing a client:

Support of Cash Sale  If you are looking for a fast and simpler way to record an immediate sales transaction from an opportunity in Salesforce, you can accomplish this through our Cash Sale feature.  By selecting the Cash Sale field, each Opportunity you process into the back office will create a sales invoice, cash receipt, and cash application all in a single click.

Editing of Billing or Recurring Billing Lines from Opportunity-  As you process an invoice or recurring billing from an Opportunity, unique cases may require greater flexibility prior to sending to a customer or vendor.  Now, through the use of our Billing and Recurring Billings lines’ intermediate screens, you can not only edit the quantity and price fields but also choose which individual line items to include or omit in your billing through a click of button.

By utilizing these features as well as the many tools available in our Financial Suite, you are one step and click closer to generating processing transactions in the back office in less time and with greater efficiency.

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