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Save Time by Integrating Accounting Software with Salesforce 

As your business grows, you’ll want accounting software that allows you to dedicate more time to helping customers than inputting data or emailing teammates to ensure your information is the same. If you’re in search of accounting software that integrates with Salesforce, we’ll do you one better: Adopt Accounting Seed, which is built natively on Salesforce.

To make the most of your time (and money), the technology you’re using has to work for you, not against you. One way of doing that is leveraging cloud-based technologies, such as Salesforce, to access shared data. Another way to level-up if you’ve already implemented Salesforce, is to optimize your business and accounting processes using workflows. That means finding a Salesforce accounting integration that works for your teams.

Today, Salesforce is one of the most widely used cloud-based CRM softwares in the world. Integrating accounting software with Salesforce optimizes internal teams’ workflows, ultimately saving time and money. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far for compatible accounting software. Accounting Seed goes a step beyond integration with Salesforce and is built natively on Salesforce, which means your teams will be able to share real-time accounting data at each stage of the revenue cycle.

What Are the Benefits of Accounting Seed Being Native to Salesforce?

While there are many accounting software integrations out there, you’ll have to understand their true compatibility and integration with Salesforce. Accounting Seed makes it a no-brainer: Our software is already native to Salesforce, so it works as a central hub for all of your business information. In knowing that, you’ve already saved time looking at other options.

Here are the key benefits to using Accounting Seed vs. non-native Salesforce accounting integrations:

  • Salesforce-Native Infrastructure: You and your team won’t need specialized knowledge to tailor or integrate your accounting software with your Salesforce platform. With single-sign on, you will access the same system to login to Accounting Seed, where you can create workflows and customizations with clicks—not code.
  • Open Connection to Salesforce-Native Tools and Apps: Being native on Salesforce opens the door to integrations with thousands of other native solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange, giving you access to the best solutions based on your company’s unique needs.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): There’s no need to spend considerable money hiring developers to build and maintain a custom Salesforce integration for your accounting software.
  • Easy Upgrades: You’ll always have the latest version of the Accounting Seed software. No delay, cost, or vendor tech support required.

If you want to check other options for due diligence, we’ve done the legwork for that, too. Check out our top three things to look out for when it comes to traditional accounting integration software.

With all of these benefits, Accounting Seed offers a cost-effective single-platform solution that gives you the power to meet your company’s individual needs and optimize your internal teams’ workflows.

Save Time & Money with Optimized Workflows

Efficiency is important to any business, but especially ones growing at a rapid pace. Two key ways Accounting Seed helps save time are by:

  • Reducing the number of errors by eliminating duplicate data entries
  • Removing manual processes and automating tasks

Because Accounting Seed is a single source of truth (SSOT), all data from client communications to accounting records lives on one platform. The days of determining which system has the correct data are gone. Unlike other accounting software integrations for Salesforce, Accounting Seed makes it so users don’t have to reconcile the same data across multiple software platforms. Because it’s all one system, the data across departments stays in sync and dynamically current. Being built natively on Salesforce reduces the repetition of performing duplicative tasks, which greatly reduces the chances of making errors through manual entries.

Real-time workflows allow users to manage their process from a sales lead to the general ledger, uniting the sales, operations, and finance departments. The single platform ensures team members have accurate information without the need to email back and forth. For instance, instead of an accountant retyping all of the closed opportunity details and billing information from Salesforce to QuickBooks, Accounting Seed automatically takes each line item from an opportunity to invoice, seamlessly creating the billing.

The German company, TGS Teegen implemented Accounting Seed to modernize their IT infrastructure and integrate their accounting data with Salesforce. They’ve seen remarkable improvements throughout their accounting department, including a 30% efficiency increase, all thanks to a higher level of automation.

Explore the user-friendly features Accounting Seed is known for that can boost your team’s productivity.

See How Much Time Accounting Seed Saved Its Users

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers have stories to prove Accounting Seed’s native Salesforce accounting software streamlines internal processes, ultimately saving time and money.

Diplomatic Language Services (DLS) is a leading language services provider who works with clientele in the federal government, military, and both corporate and private sectors. To bring language and cultural education to translation, interpretation, and curriculum development, they have to work efficiently. Accounting Seed helped close the gaps in their Salesforce platform, which not only enhanced their workflows, but also their customers’ experiences.

DLS President, Chris Bellas, noted that integrating Salesforce with Accounting Seed led to huge improvements within all of their accounting processes. He said, “This has allowed us to close each month an entire week earlier than before. In our invoicing process alone, simply by eliminating all of that Excel transfer between systems, we saw a 75% reduction in the time that it took to record all the invoices and get them sent out to customers.”

Another customer success story we’re proud of is Avado, a professional academy that educates people and businesses through interactive learning, such as apprenticeships, qualifications, workshops, and modules. Robert Ward, the Sales Optimisation & Salesforce Global Project Manager, found that Avado’s overall efficiency skyrocketed once Accounting Seed was implemented.

Ward estimates that Accounting Seed has saved the finance department at least 40 hours during close compared to their previous system. He also discussed that their life cycle is “75% faster, which is much higher than before.”

Put More Time Back into Your Day with Accounting Seed

In order to save time and increase efficiency, accounting teams should look beyond accounting software that simply integrates with Salesforce and choose an entirely native accounting solution.

Enhance your accounting team’s day-to-day operations and ultimately save your business money by not just using a Salesforce accounting integration, but by implementing Accounting Seed.

Dive into all our software has to offer and watch a 5-minute demo on our product page.

See Accounting Seed in action

Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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