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3 Ways Salesforce Chatter and Accounting Seed Can Boost Your Business

Salesforce Chatter is an enterprise social network that debuted in 2013 as a free extension to the Salesforce1 platform. Since then, companies have been using it to enhance their business in many different ways. For instance, employees use the platform to share expertise, files, and data across the company. Basically, Salesforce Chatter brings the advantages of social networking to the office.

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There are many advantages to using the Salesforce Chatter feature with Accounting Seed. Let’s take a look at the three most important ways Salesforce Chatter and Accounting Seed can enhance your business operations.

Drive Productivity

Being connected to your fellow co-workers, whether they’re in the office or not, greatly drives productivity amongst the workforce. Colleagues can work on sensitive projects together and post status updates for the whole team.

When your team is connected to a social networking platform like Salesforce Chatter, innovation is accelerated. Everyone now has an environment where they can share ideas and propose new concepts. Teams can brainstorm ideas that will improve business, service, and products. Connecting with experts or SMEs across the company is also simple and instant, regardless of their location. 

Share Financial Insight and Data

Collaboration between departments and individuals is the name of the game in 2020. Salesforce allows the front of the office to work together on sales opportunities, service tickets, marketing campaigns, and projects. Additionally, through Chatter and Accounting Seed, the accounting department is instantly connected to the front office too. If an accountant needs an update on a project before running a report, they can instantly reach out to the account executive through Salesforce Chatter.

Secondly, Chatter can be used as a company intranet or employee directory. Employees set up profile pages with photos and work-related information. Employees are able to follow other employees or documents to collaborate on. Like social media, Chatter also allows users to manage their feeds and control their notifications.

Increase Innovation

The only way to turn up innovation within the office is to guarantee that the best ideas come to fruition. Salesforce Chatter ensures this by utilizing these four features.


Users can create project team groups to help projects work together no matter where they are. Group feeds keep team members up-to-date and provides access to project-related files to keep things organized.


This feature provides feedback management with the ability to easily create and manage polls. Salesforce Chatter’s survey software helps managers and employees create a positive, democratic environment in the workplace.

Rich Feed

Employees can stay updated by setting custom rich feeds based on their projects and team members. Salesforce Chatter offers efficiency-boosting features like custom feeds that allow employees to capture relevant organizational information in one location.


Salesforce Chatter provides topic pages that allow users to collect and present the most up-to-date content on any subject discussed on the network itself.

Salesforce Chatter and Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is 100% native to Salesforce. This means our customers have instant access to all the amazing features that come with Salesforce, including Chatter. When our users realize the potential of combining Salesforce Chatter to Accounting Seed, no business goal is unattainable. Accounting Seed and Salesforce Chatter have become impactful solutions for any successful back-office.

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