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Celebrate International Accounting Day!

November 10 has been designated as International Accounting Day. The life of an accountant isn’t always easy, but it is important. Use this day to celebrate the accountants who help your business!

International Accounting Day 2020

Looking over ledger books and crunching numbers isn’t made for everyone. But your job, school, bank, and government wouldn’t survive without accountant-informed decisions. To celebrate these important financial professionals, November 10 has been designated as International Accounting Day. Take this day as an opportunity to acknowledge and thank the accountants you know! 

What Does an Accountant Do? Why Are They so Important?

The job of an accountant is more complicated than you may think. An accountant ensures that a company or organization is efficiently operating by accessing its financial records. Duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records. They send financial reports to clients that include current financial status and future trends. They also recommend ways for businesses to become more financially stable and take advantage of tax incentives. 

The list goes on, but the most critical role an accountant plays is the curator of accounting data. They translate the financial dimensions of your organization into actionable strategies to make the best business decisions possible. Using time, money, and resources effectively is essential for achieving business goals.

A Brief History of Accounting

The history of accounting as a practice dates back several millennia. Records originating from the Mesopotamian region traced back to 5,000 B.C. reveal the use of accounting to track the exchange of goods between temples. Further evidence would appear from discoveries in ancient Egypt, Babylonia, and the Roman Empire. Records remain of private expenditures, the distribution of commodities, and more. 

The accounting field has developed significantly since its introduction in pre-modern times. Data and cloud computing are now heavily linked to accounting.  IT platforms like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have also played a huge role in modern accounting technology. Read more about this in our previous blog: Why CRM has Eclipsed ERP as a Company’s Central Platform

Empower Your Accountants with the Latest Technology

How can you celebrate International Accounting Day? Besides thanking your accountants and maybe throwing a happy hour, they’ll appreciate a reliable, easy-to-use accounting tool. 

Accounting Seed is an innovative, robust accounting platform that transforms the way you do accounting: flexible, collaborative, connected, and trusted. Accountants and other users can easily customize and configure Accounting Seed to meet essential requirements to facilitate smooth workflows and easier accounting. We give your financial experts a 360-degree view of your business to eliminate uncertainties and errors, making their job a lot easier!

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