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Celebrate International Accountant’s Day!

Happy International Accountant’s Day! Yes, it’s a thing. November 10th is the time to pat your accountant on the back, break out the champagne, and maybe get them a gift

Why Celebrate International Accountant’s Day?

Recognizing and appreciating your accountants (and all your other employees) is very important to the sustainability and productivity of your business. No matter what your organization does, your accountants are essential to running your organization. They keep the finances in check so that your business can operate effectively and bring in the revenue. Recognized employees are happy employees who are more likely to keep excelling in their work and remain loyal to your organization for years to come. Take the time to recognize their work, you won’t regret it. Happy accountants, happy accounting! 

5 Ways to Celebrate

International Accountant’s Day is a great time to focus on the accomplishments of both the accounting department and individual accountants. Above all, no matter what scale you decided to celebrate, take time to just call out and thank your accountants for their contribution to the company. Here are a few simple things you can do to make International Accountant’s Day truly memorable for your accounting staff.

Send a Positive Message

This is a great time to send an email or make an announcement thanking your accounting staff. That is to say, spread awareness of International Accountant’s Day through the office so everyone can say a kind word. Consider also personalizing messages to your accountants to make this appreciation even more direct.

Get Accounting-Themed Gifts

There are lots of accounting-themed gifts available for you get your accounting crew. From humorous accounting mugs and t-shirts to accounting jewelry, there are several options for you to choose from! Additionally, check out an extended list here.

Plan a Party

International Accountant’s Day is a good excuse to take time out of work and just relax and appreciate your accountants. Treat your accountants and other team members to a small lunch or happy hour in celebration of the accounting department’s contribution. For instance, you can either have the event at the office or take your team out, whatever suits your workplace.

Offer Additional Training

Are your accountants looking to undergo further accreditation or build on their accounting knowledge with more coursework? In the same vein, why not have the company sponsor their education. Besides being a sign of gratitude, empowering your accountants ultimately empower your business.

Establish a New Tradition

Make International Accountant’s Day unique to your organization by seeing what your accountants want to do. For example, see if they want to go bowling or take time in the office just to have a free social period and make a recurring tradition. This builds morale and gives your accountants something extra to look forward to each ear!

Just Celebrate Your Accountants

In conclusion, no matter how you choose to celebrate your International Accountant’s Day, just celebrate your accountants. Making your staff feel well regarded and fulfilled will reward your company no matter what day it is. Remember, you count on them!

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