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Accounting Seed’s Innovative Bank Direct Connect

Banking transactions and entries are a major aspect of your business’ financial process. Our next-generation Bank Direct Connect feature streamlines this process by giving users increased control and automation. Let’s take a look!

Accounting Seed’s Bank Direct Connect

Today’s digital business landscape requires an accounting solution that keeps bank transaction data safe, accurate, and manageable. Do you want to spend extra time recognizing revenue and validating information in the General Ledger (GL)? Of course not!

Our Bank Direct Connect, especially with our upcoming Jasmine Release, helps you accomplish more transaction handling with far less work. We do this by emphasizing greater flexibility and automation. Reconciling your bank statements has never been easier. Here a few reasons why. 

  • Reliably connect to more than 14,500 banks and credit card companies for efficient processing. 
  • Easily batch import/match transactions instead of importing one transaction at a time. 
  • Clear bank transactions and facilitate quick reconciliations through minimal data entry.

Simultaneously, Accounting Seed lets you visualize and use the data tied to your bank transactions in real-time. 

Real-Time Visibility

Accounting Seed’s Bank Direct Connect functionality lets your team see any payments or transactions across all checking, savings, and credit card accounts. This gives you a complete, real-time picture of your company’s funds, cash flows, expenses, and overall financial health. Besides remaining aware of your financial activity, this is valuable information you can use to adjust business strategies. 

New Bank Direct Connect Features and Benefits With Jasmine

Accounting Seed’s Jasmine release is geared to enhance virtually every aspect of the Bank Direct Connect function.  Users can expect even more control over how they populate and consolidate relevant banking data through user-defined rules. Here are some additional updates and benefits arriving with Jasmine:

  • New workflow and user interface to streamline data population and analysis.
  • User-configured transaction matching and creation rules to pre-populate the GL and customer/vendor settings for faster jobs. 
  • Increased automation to schedule jobs to import, process, match, and create transactions. These will be based on the rules you establish to run daily in the background!
  • Enhanced bank data transfer reliability through a refined import process. 

Ready for faster, easier bank reconciliations and payments through Accounting Seed’s Bank Direct Connect feature? Stay tuned for our Jasmine release and signup for a free Accounting Seed demo today! 

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