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Accounting Seed vs Abacus And ZumZum For UK Small Business

Currently, there are about 5.5 million small businesses in the UK. In fact, small businesses make up about 99.9% of the businesses in the country. That’s a lot of opportunity, competition, and accounting to consider. If you’re a growing UK small business, and on the Salesforce Platform©, you’re already in a strong position. But is your accounting positioned to help you not only manage day-to-day finances and pivot in the way you want your company to thrive? 

Currently, there are three top contending accounting software options for businesses in the UK. using Salesforce. They are Accounting Seed, Abacus Financials, and ZumZum. But which is best for UK small business? 

Keep Your UK Small Business Accounting On Salesforce

You’ve probably noticed the abundance of accounting software options available both exclusively for UK small businesses and internationally. If you are a company using Salesforce, then keep your accounting on Salesforce as well! Besides making it easier to manage via housing your accounting alongside your other operations, there are significant benefits to consolidating your accounting on the Platform. 

Accounting on Salesforce saves you time, money, and stress. At the same, this strengthens your data-informed strategies and makes your processes more streamlined. Everything from lead to general ledger can be done in a matter of clicks in a single view. Other perks of native accounting solutions are:

    1. Using native Salesforce accounting apps means you don’t have to pay for the development and maintenance of an integration.
    2. Implementation of the accounting solution is much faster than an off-platform product.
    3. Accounting data is easier to access, more manageable, and all totally within the Salesforce Platform.
    4. Cross-application automations between native Salesforce solutions make it easier to control multiple dimensions of your operations. Setting up automations is extremely efficient using inherited Salesforce utilities to do more but with far less work!
    5. You gain a single-source-of-truth when it comes to your financial data. Forget manual entry and inconsistencies across disparate systems. This setup provides a once and done stream from your Salesforce apps to your accounting.

While native accounting solutions share these qualities, you can still distinguish between them. For UK small business needs, Accounting Seed, ZumZum, and Abacus have taken center stage. However, Accounting Seed has been established in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) before the newer systems were even invented. Let’s look in detail at the three solutions. 

Common Features

Accounting Seed, Abacus, and ZumZum are strong products in their own right, and share several features. A few of them highly relevent to UK small business include: 

    • 360-Degree Data View
    • Audit Trail
    • Reports & Dashboards
    • VAT
    • Multi-Currency
    • MTD Compliant
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable

While the three products share many features and are native to Salesforce, the biggest difference between them is in scope. Accounting Seed is bigger, with more resources and a bigger, more reliable use history of being used by a variety of businesses to succeed in their accounting. Instead of being specialized only for UK businesses or even for a specific industry, Accounting Seed embraces versatility and openness. Individual organizations take our system and specialize it to their uniqueness, not just their business type. 

Versatility VS Specialization

Abacus and ZumZum are similar in that they are both based in the UK. and designed specifically for UK small businesses. On the other hand, Accounting Seed is not specifically designed for any single business type, but rather is flexible enough for any business size and country. This includes several UK customers. In addition to being MTD compliant, Accounting Seed has proven to be adaptable for several different regulation types and unique business processes. Our customers include businesses in the UK, US, France, Germany, and more. Why? Because Accounting Seed is extremely open in its architecture and is specifically geared for growth.

Hundreds of small-to-medium sized businesses use Accounting Seed, not just to fill the needs of a growing small business, but for a streamlined accounting experience. But more, small businesses don’t stay small! When you are growing and change is a constant, you have to question if your accounting software will keep up. The reality is that small companies typically do outgrow their initial accounting software

If this is the case, Abacus and ZumZum, which specialize in small business accounting, might not be able to keep up. On the other hand, Accounting Seed has taken companies from the start-up stage through growth to a larger mid market organization. Several large, international companies use Accounting Seed to manage extremely robust and complicated processes on a large scale, many of which started as a UK small business. 

As a small organization in the UK, you may think you only need small business accounting software. But you find yourself eventually feeling constrained by this system, it will be a significant cost to look for and then switch to a more equipped product. Accounting Seed eliminates this expense by growing with you, one and done. On top of this, as a more mature and seasoned accounting vendor, Accounting Seed has more resources available. 


Software is only as strong as its functionality and support. If you need help adopting and using your technology, are the right resources available? How much frustration and time is this going to cost if helpful resources are not available? Bottom line, if tech issues and accounting problems occur, you’ll want them addressed before serious problems occur in your workflow and finances. 

Let’s break down some of the resources these accounting solutions provide for a 360-degree view of them.


    • Leverages a small partner networks to assist with implementations and integrations
    • Some implementations/assistance offered in-house  
    • Support center
    • Glossary


    • Leverages a small partner networks to assist with implementations and integrations
    • Some implementations/assistance offered in-house  
    • ZumZum offers several Salesforce services 
    • Knowledge Base of useful articles on product features, similar to Accounting Seed’s

Accounting Seed

    • 50+ partners, including implementation and connected app partners both on and off Salesforce
    • Dedicated, support center highly rated for its customer support and responsiveness
    • Constantly updated Knowledge Base of useful articles on product features for self-help
    • Self-paced e-Learning Accounting Seed features/functionality courses via Accounting Seed University
    • Access to a Customer Support Community
    • Free access to FAQs and Guides 
    • Dedicated and UK support center

Bigger Is Better For Small Business 

No matter what you do, you’re going to want to set yourself up for success. When it comes to accounting, this means planning not only for current needs, but also being ready to adjust to new requirements in the future. The accounting software that can do this will be a sustainable tool that will grow with and help you steer your UK. small business wherever you want. Maybe this means breaking into international business, selling different products and services that need accounting for differently, or perhaps implementing a highly elaborate automated lifecycle. Save time and money, and get the most value by using a proven solution. 

Accounting Seed Is Your Native Salesforce UK Small Business Accounting Software 

Besides the core features and flexibility you need to do your accounting your way, Accounting Seed is a proven solution. We pride ourselves on our hundreds of positive customer reviews on G2 and the Salesforce AppExchange (89% 5-Stars, 10% 4-Stars) that has led us to become the top-rated Salesforce accounting solution. Worried about a long adoption process? Accounting Seed can be installed, configured, and live within 24 hours for small business customers.

Our dedicated staff and partners are equipped to help you overcome any obstacle and help you streamline your accounting like never before. Whatever your company does, we want to make your accounting the penultimate asset. Want to see what some of our 15,000 users think about us? Check out our latest customer success stories!

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