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Accounting on Salesforce? Your Solution is Accounting Seed

Looking for a better accounting tool that is also on the Salesforce Platformⓒ? Accounting Seed is your native solution. Let’s explore how the features and flexibility of Accounting Seed make it the perfect fit for your Salesforce environment. 

Multi-Dimensional Reporting Out of The Box

While many of our competitors offer core reporting features, they lack the flexibility in how you can collect, organize, and analyze data. Flexibility is important because every growing company needs custom financial reporting. Your business needs to take control of every reporting dimension for every aspect of your business. 

Our reporting features let you dictate rows and columns to compare and analyze finances based on how you operate. Adding custom calculations and formatting lets you target specific data for both financial and management reports. 

Don’t you want a system that offers highly visual, customizable dashboards for you to examine? With customizable dashboards, you can choose what to concentrate on and display the data how you want it. Switch these when certain data objects become more important during certain times. Check out more on how you can customize your reporting here

Multi-Currency Feature

Do you have international customers or clients with international customers? Then your accounting system needs multi-currency functionality to bill and receive payments from customers abroad. Accounting Seed’s Multi-Currency feature records gains or losses based on fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates for accurate accounting. This makes paying and receiving payments from international partners much easier and more efficient.

High-Level  Automation 

When you’re dealing with many different customers, it’s important to close the books fast to prevent any delays. Accounting Seed puts time and accuracy back in your hands through high-level automation.

Our system uses click-not-code automation instead of complicated coding. This makes it easier for your staff to run through tasks with the click of a button. With click-not-code, your staff will maintain an efficient workflow and not fall behind tasks. And most importantly get information quickly and perform key accounting tasks immediately. Besides delivering faster consolidations, automation helps to provide time-sensitive financial insight right when you need it. With our automation, you can consolidate multiple sales orders to a single purchase order. 

Inventory and Order Management

Accounting Seed lets you control your inventory and order management along with your accounting all on one financial platform. Here are core highlights of how we help you bring all your financial management together on Salesforce. 

Sales Order Management

With Accounting Seed, you can have a consolidated sales order process that’s totally streamlined. Once a sale is made, you can start your inventory fulfillment process through sales orders and purchase orders. Some of our Sales Order Management features include:

  • Create a sales order right from the opportunity in Salesforce
  • Allocate your inventory to reserve products for specific customer orders
  • Record your packing and shipping details in a single interface
  • Create purchase order directly from sales orders

Inventory Control and Management

Manage your entire warehouse and inventory right alongside accounting in one integrated system. Accounting Seed’s flexible inventory feature allows you to build a customized solution with features such as: 

  • Product bundling
  • Serialized and on-serialized inventory
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-location environments
  • Historical inventory balance reporting
  • Build and stock finished good inventory from raw materials

Purchase Orders Management

Whether your company’s purchasing requirements are straightforward or complex, Accounting Seed makes the management simple. Some of the features include:

  • Track creation and approval of purchase orders
  • Receive goods in multiple warehouses and locations
  • Creation of accounts payable records from a purchase order
  • And MORE!

Learn more about our inventory and order management features in our knowledge base or in our technical features sheet.

See Accounting Seed in action

Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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