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7 Ways Accounting Seed lets You Work Remotely

Entirely cloud-based, Accounting Seed is fully equipped for you to work remotely. Let’s look at ways you can use our platform to continue working even if the office is closed.

Remote Work Ready

First, being able to work remotely isn’t just convenient, in some cases it’s vital. Accounting Seed is ready to handle all of your accounting needs anytime, anywhere. We keep teams connected and aware no matter the distance or circumstance.  For instance, when Hurricane Maria hit Florida in 2017, law firm Ayo & Iken’s accounting data didn’t suffer any losses because of Accounting Seed’s cloud-based platform. The team was able to secure and run their accounting and continue to work with peace of mind. We strive to bring this experience to every customer whenever difficult times occur.   

Ways to Use Accounting Seed Remotely

When users combine Salesforce-based platform features with our robust complement of accounting features, working from home becomes easy. Our mission is to ensure that your access to stronger, faster accounting is never an issue. Let’s go through seven ways, and features you can access, to use Accounting Seed remotely. 

1. Establish expectations and deliverables

Debits and credits still need to be managed remotely to ensure your business runs smoothly. Our Salesforce-based tools like Tasks, Approvals, and Workflow Rules let you continually assign, monitor, and complete mission-critical accounting no matter where you are. 

2. Automate core accounting

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, automation lets your essential accounting be done faster, easier, and more accurately, all with minimal manual work. You may find it more advantageous to increase your automated tasks to conserve resources. Remember, Accounting Seed provides event, batch, and scheduled job automations. Also, you have options to use and can easily alter these automations however you choose. 

3. Maintain team contact

Your team must be able to work on accounts and discuss finances effectively to provide the best financial analysis. Consistent communication is central to avoiding mistakes and addressing pressing needs. For instance, team members use our Salesforce Chatter feature to talk to one another, and the group, instantly. This is great for when you need to check in on specific tasks or just get fast answers. Don’t worry, your team is always within reach with Accounting Seed. 

4. Run regular financial reports

It’s essential to be aware of your finances, particularly during a crisis. Stay on top of how events and initiatives are affecting your financial health by running scheduled financial reports. Financial reporting helps you see what is and isn’t returning on investment to help you conserve resources. Accounting Seed gives you access to real-time data to plan ahead for future revenue opportunities.  

5. Protect your data

Sadly, hackers tend to increase cyber-attacks and data theft during times of crisis. However, whether you work remotely or not, Accounting Seed lets you take full control of data protection. Built on Salesforce’s resilient design, encryption, and event monitoring properties, your data is secured from outside attackers.  Additionally, our internal security features let you establish the controls vital to protecting your data from the inside out. For instance, tools like User Permissions, Validation Rules, and Two-Factor Authentication are ready to fully safeguard your system. 

6. Send vital information 

As your team works remotely, you need a secure way to send the files and messages surrounding your accounting. Right from Accounting Seed, you have options to add and share attachments needed for business. You can also send emails within any interface in our product. 

7. Stay in touch with customers 

Accounting Seed is equipped with Salesforce Community Portal access to let you connect with customers and partners. Utilize several settings and permissions to protect information and manage stakeholder engagement. Remember, continual, reliable customer support goes a long way in cementing your brand loyalty.

Fully Supported with Accounting Seed

During any kind of remote work period, Accounting Seed wants to assure you that your accounting remains fully supported. Our business embraces the flexibility and responsiveness of our own cloud-based product. Regular customer support, implementation, sales, and operations continue even when our team works remotely. Accounting Seed is always ready to be the greatest resource for your accounting. If you have questions or issues you can always reach out to our support team. You can also access useful technical support articles via our Knowledge Base and learn the ins and outs of our platform through Accounting Seed University.

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