11 holiday gifts for you favorite accountant
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11 Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Accountant

Forget pencils, calculators, and pocket protectors! There are way cooler gift ideas for the accountant in your life. After conducting an in-house survey of our financial experts, here are the top 11 holiday gifts that any accountant will enjoy. 

1. Custom T-shirt Giving your accountant a custom t-shirt is thoughtful, practical, and it can be very funny too. You can have a shirt with broad words proclaiming “Best Accountant Ever,” “We Account On You,” or whatever phrase you feel sums up your appreciation. If you don’t feel like customizing a t-shirt, there are lots of shirts available that have accounting-themed puns and jokes on them that are bound to make your accountant crack a grin. To name a few: “Happiness is Debits = Credits,” “I’m An Accountant Not A Magician,” “BAE Best Accountant Ever,” and more.

2. A Drink By the Numbers
The year-end closing processes are approaching, so there’s a good chance your accountant will deserve a good drink afterward. A bottle of wine or handle of spirits is always a favorite among thirsty accountants. To sweeten the gift, be sure to look out for accounting-themed wine and shot glasses, or even a clever flask that states: “Be Audit You Can Be.”

3. Accounting-Themed Mugs or Thermoses
Coffee or tea is usually an accountant’s essential fuel to work mathematical brilliance. A good drinking vessel is always appreciated, and there is a large selection of mugs with accounting jokes. For example, there’s one mug that uses the play on words: “It’s Accrual World.” You can find this mug and more at CafePress.com. Let your inner geek guide you, the funnier the better.

4. Headphones
Concentration is vital to cranking out the numbers. When the office gets loud, your accountants will definitely be grateful for a nice set of headphones that will help them concentrate on their work and tune out any distractions. A good follow-up gift could be an iTunes or a related gift card so they can download free music to enjoy.

5. Gift Card
If you’re looking to give your accountant a choice of gifts, a gift card is never a bad idea. Try to provide a gift card that matches your accountant’s interests or is broad enough to allow them to make a variety of purchases. The irony of giving your accountant money to spend and not balance will also not go amiss.  

6. Bookkeeper’s Basket
A gift basket is pretty conventional, but also a great chance for you to be creative. Combine practical tools like a calculator, writing materials, and pencils, with fun stuff like chocolates and other snacks. You can also fill your bookkeeper’s basket with the aforementioned gift ideas, as well as smaller items such as an accounting-themed mouse pad or perhaps a new phone case that displays phrases like “Captain Accountant” or is designed to look like an old-fashioned calculator. This is a great option if the whole office is planning to combine resources for a collective gift.

7. Desk Decorations
Small gifts can carry a lot of meaning while also adding something unique to the workplace. This is your chance to give a funny or personalized gift to your accountant. If your accountant is a sci-fi or comic book fan, you can get them a bobblehead or Pop! figure of their favorite characters like Tron, Han Solo, or Spiderman. If your accountant happens to be a dog-lover, Walmart has a collection accountant-dog figurines that come in a variety of breeds.

8. Accounting-Themed Poster/Picture
No one likes a dull office. One way you can brighten your accountant’s workspace is with wall art that celebrates their role. Once again, humor is your ally, look for something that emphasizes your accountant’s personality or just gives a clever take on the norms of accounting. To help you start coming up with ideas, check out this “Keep Calm And Calculate On” poster, or perhaps these “I Am An Accountant” prints from Redbubble.

9. Accounting Jewelry
Etsy offers a collection of accounting-themed jewelry products including bracelets, necklaces, and even an “After Taxes” money clip! A gift like this not only shows appreciation but is bound to make your accountant proud of their work.

10. Accounting Apron
Does your accountant enjoy cooking? If so, there are several fine aprons that combine the wit of an accountant with a passion for food. You can find aprons with embroidered phrases like “CPA By Day Grillmaster By Night,” “Seasoned CPA,” and more.

11. New Accounting Software
If your accounting department has been having issues or delays in their work, it may be time to look for a new accounting system. Investing in a flexible accounting software that emphasizes customization and automation will definitely prove to be a gift that keeps on giving. If you’re in the market, please feel free to request a free demo

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