Krow PSA

Founded in 2014, Krow Software offers a customer-centric professional services automation solution that is 100% native to Salesforce. Developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery, Krow PSA is designed with customers at the core, providing a way for project teams to work hand in hand with customers from sales through service delivery.

Krow PSA offers a modern and seamless customer experience. Our fully transparent communication between the project team and the client ensures the alignment of expectations with real-time two-way communication. We’ve integrated customer feedback through survey tools and project health check statuses, as well as real-time integration with back-office systems, like Accounting Seed, for more successful project implementation and greater customer success.

Krow with Accounting Seed

Krow software integrates with Accounting Seed seamlessly. This integration enables billing events in Krow PSA to post in Accounting Seed. For instance, when invoices are posted in Krow PSA, the invoice data will be sent to Accounting Seed order management.

This allows customers to collect on their outstanding invoices quickly and efficiently and increase revenue and profitability.

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