gives you a full ACH solution as well as allows you to send all your Checks digitally via email for instant delivery. The recipient/vendor can either print out the check or deposit it online, and the settlement can happen over ACH using check images. Our ACH solution is completely end-to-end, including return processing and notification. You can simply add the recipient/vendor’s bank account number for automatic ACH disbursement.

With Checkbook and Accounting Seed, digital checks can be sent instantly through your Accounting Seed account in just a few simple clicks. No more printing checks and mailing them out manually. Best of all, your recipients will receive an email that enables them to deposit those digital checks online. Checkbook and Accounting Seed deliver you one complete finance and digital check payment solution directly on Salesforce, just the way our users like it!

Checkbook offers a simple integration to Accounting Seed.  To get started sign up for your account today. For more information check out our User Guide.



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