Bank Integration

Accounting Seed is directly integrated to more than 14,500 banks and credit card companies for your convenience. This means you can quickly view accurate banking information within your accounting application and easily facilitate reconciliation with your bank.


Dashboards can help you better visualize large data sets through clean graphical representations and are often used for succinct C-suite presentations.

With our cloud-based accounting software, you can create a dashboard that covers your accounting and order management—as well as your sales, operations, support, and more. You should have complete control of how you present your data, so our dashboards are completely customizable with simple drag-and-drop functionality, making them easy to both create and manage.

Turnkey Financial Reports

Accounting Seed makes it simple to pull together the core accounting reports you need without any additional plugins or software. Simply click the button and your report is generated, including drill-downs to source transactions. Financial reports are exportable to PDF or Excel for your convenience.

Management Reports

Management reports are an excellent way to communicate the performance of your organization—but if you’re stuck using inflexible, static tools like PowerPoint, you’ll spend far more time on them than necessary.

Accounting Seed reports are ultra flexible with drag-and-drop configurations and built-in graphics using clicks, not code. Your management reports are also exportable to Excel for your convenience.

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