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Accounting Seed manages the complete revenue lifecycle for each customer including invoicing, cash receipts, collections, and deferred revenue. We have it all!

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Bill from an opportunity

When you’re closing a deal, convenience is key. Accounting Seed makes it simple to jump right from your opportunity to deliver an invoice, kick off a project, or establish a recurring billing contract. Simply click to the next step with no hassle on your end—and no cumbersome integration points.

Recurring billing

Bill your customers on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or semiannual basis—and manage it all easily without leaving the platform. If your billing contracts need to be updated, Accounting Seed makes it easy.

Bill from a sales order

Create invoices from sales orders at any stage of the order fulfillment process with a simple button click. Invoicing fully shipped or partially shipped orders are supported. Manage sales orders and accounting in one smooth process.

Bill time and expense

Accounting Seed supports multiple rate tables to accommodate any type of work your company does. Track your hours worked and accumulated expenses. Bill your service work in batch according to your own requirements.

The amount of duplicate data entry we’ve reduced has been huge!” 

Cynthia Bell McGillis, Industry Dive

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