Accept Payments

Manage all your major payments in a single solution to ensure your cash flow remains consistent and timely!

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Manage collections

Managing your customer statements and making better sales decisions has never been more streamlined. Using Salesforce’s CRM with Accounting Seed, you can manage credit and collections at the invoice or customer level and track all conversations and interactions.

Process payments via Stripe

You can stay right in the Accounting Seed interface to receive customer credit card payments. With seamless integration to the world-class payment processor Stripe, you can handle a once-tedious accounting chore quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to Accounting Seed, which has allowed us to better manage grant budgets as well as automate numerous financial processes that used to tie up our organization with busy work, our staff of 12 has been able to focus more time and energy on policy and health education work to further medical research that improves aging and health.”

Sarah DiGiovine, Development Manager at Alliance for Aging Research

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